All are welcome! We recognize and honor everyone’s divine journey, as Jesus did while He walked the Earth. Through choices in our past we may have walked different paths but there is a reason our paths are crossing now and narrowing to being on to one path at this time. We are getting closer to call of our Lord Jesus to Ascend/Rapture to him and souls are consciously and unconsciously wanting to prepare for that wonderful moment. No one wants to be left behind but we are warned that only few will have eyes, ears and hearts open to Him at that time. No one knows the day or the hour this will happen but many believe that we will physically see Jesus return in our lifetime. This Ministry is commissioned to preparing people for His glorious return!

Jesus named this Ministry, Pillars of His Light Ministry. We strive to be like columns/pillars standing tall with the Light of Jesus Christ. We are honoring Jesus here on earth by serving others; like pillars/columns support a building. We are His Hands, His Feet and His Voice flows through our vocal cords to share His Word around the world. If you would like to join our Ministry, we would love to walk this amazing path beside you!

We are excited and honored to share with you in any way you choose!


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Christina Lunden