My name is Christina Lunden and I received my Commission from God in 2002 to share messages of His Truth, Light, Knowledge and Wisdom to help you on the path of remembering who you are as a child of God, Jesus Christ.

All are welcome! I recognize and honor everyone’s divine journey, as Jesus did while He walked the Earth. Through choices in our past we may have walked different paths but there is a reason our paths are crossing now. We are getting closer to our Ascension/Rapture and souls are consciously and unconsciously wanting to prepare to make sure they are ready. No one knows the day or the hour but many believe, including me that we will see Jesus in our lifetime. I have so much to share with you!

Jesus told me to call this Ministry, Pillars of His Light Ministry. We are like columns/pillars standing tall with the Light of Jesus Christ flowing through us. We are supporting Jesus here on earth by serving others; like pillars/columns support a building. We are His Hands, His Feet and His Voice flows through our vocal cords. If you feel you are not yet a Pillar of Jesus’ Light, then ask me how to become one. This is something for everyone!

If you would like healing and / or answers to the questions you have in your heart, take a deep breath and in the Name of Jesus ask for your healing and / or  ask your question(s). Then follow your heart and read, listen and / or watch the spiritual insight and wisdom presented here. I have received many emails over the years from people who have already received what they were seeking in this way. Here is my prayer to agree with you for whatever you are seeking:

“I thank You, Jesus that You guide each soul through these pages to receive the answers and healing they are seeking. I stand in agreement with them. Through reading, listening and watching the insight and wisdom shared here, help their soul to transform any lower energy into The Light of Jesus Christ while releasing it from their emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Everyone requesting it feels an immediate positive difference in their body, mind and soul and they know they have been touched by The One True God! Amen and Amen!”

I am excited and honored to share with you!

Rev. Christina Lunden

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Christina Lunden