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Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It has the ability to help people and heal people but is it through The Light of Jesus? No, it is not. It was created in early 20th Century Japan. But Jesus has told me this practice goes back further than that and is 2nd dimensional. We were born into a 3rd dimensional world so that energy is already behind us. And we have been striving to gain more light into our souls and ascend, which is much higher. For the person who is seeking knowledge and insight and wanting their soul to ascend when Jesus returns, having a Reiki session can entangle their energy. It is similar to turning backwards on their spiritual path; which means that we are not able to receive answers to prayers, blessings or have a clear connection through The Light.

Reiki is one of the healing modalities that are in that blurry area. You may say, “It works.” Yes, it still does help some people heal physically. But is it the highest healing energy available? And is it doing any good for the soul? No and no. It is not helping a soul ascend. Isn’t that why we wanted to work in the spiritual field; to assist souls to grow?

The Reiki energy flows through the practitioner to the client during the healing session. For the practitioner, anything the client has (spiritually, emotionally and physically) can be received into their own body, mind and soul, even with precautions and protection. And vice versa for the client. We just don’t have the spiritual ability to know who or what could be transferred during these sessions. Anyone, no matter how nice they are can have energies with them that are not of The Light. I have seen in the excising of demons from clients, demons that have stayed with that person for 20+ years, entering them when they were doing drugs and drinking alcohol in high school/college, only to make themselves known at a later time when these people were spiritually waking up. And I have also cast out demons from practitioners of all kinds of healing practices that jumped into them from clients (nice and not so nice clients) just because the demon saw a higher amount of light and power in that healer. It is much more fun for the demons to be with a person of clearer light and higher power than someone who has little to none.

To avoid any issues for both the practitioner and client and to heal the client from the soul level through to the physical body is to do it through Jesus Christ or to keep it simple, through Christ Light Healing. It never flows through the person praying for the healing and goes directly into the person asking for the healing. This can be done anytime, anywhere. For 2 people to do it, all it takes is someone asking for healing and someone to pray for it with them. But anyone can do this for themselves also.

All is not lost though if you have trained in Reiki because it is an easy fix to raise the energy to where you can reach the highest of energies. It will be like you had a Master’s Degree in Reiki and now you are getting your PhD in Christ Light Healing through Jesus. It is the same healing He did when He was on Earth. You could have trouble forgetting what you were taught through Reiki but working with The Holy Spirit will be easier. The adjustments for healers are fairly easy to make. Commit your life and work to Jesus and that will catapult you to that next level where Jesus dwells. By the way, it doesn’t take knowing Reiki to do this, in fact it is better if you come to this with no experience at all. Anyone can learn the Christ Light Healing through Jesus. Start today by reading how Jesus healed. Read every story/scripture. Emulate Him. And ask Jesus to help guide you to serve Him by helping others. He told me in the beginning all I needed to do was ask for whatever was needed and He would show up.

Jesus said at the beginning of this year, “It’s time.” We need more healers now, not later. But after the Ascension, there will be a need for healers too. Now would be better. We need more people out there sharing The Truth without the blurry lines that the devil has fooled us with. For everything God created, the devil has a counterpart. For everything! The Christ Light Healing is the highest healing anyone can ask for and receive. I don’t know about you but I only want the highest of everything now. I know the times we live in. And I have seen and heard too much spiritually to not take all of this very, very seriously.

I know this is a difficult subject. Try being me right now. I always wondered why Jesus would not let me go get any Reiki. Then I learned why and was grateful. If you are concerned about your business, I understand. I have been going through the same concerns but came to the conclusion very quickly that even if I lost everything material in my life, it still wasn’t worth missing out on the Ascension and being with Jesus. So pray how to make the change and to bring the people to you who are ready to receive the Christ Light Healing from all corners of the world.


As in all things, if you are on the fence about this information or you are just raving mad, pray about it. Everyone that is serving and wants to serve others already has an open heart. (Hopefully, no one reading this was doing Reiki just for the money.) What would it hurt to not just outright dismiss this and take a moment, which you could later find out was the best decision on your work path. Pray. Ask Jesus for confirmation. Ask if I, Christina am telling The Truth about this. Ask Him in whose authority I say these things. I’m confident He will tell you. And if that isn’t enough, do this. Print this out and put it in a drawer. And in the days to come, if something happens and you want to revisit this, you will have easy access to the information.

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