“Clearing Our Way”

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When I am to work by writing a message or preparing a radio program or do Soul Sessions, I get spiritually attacked. I tell you, I am so over this! I have cast out and killed any darkness I see in people’s bodies, minds and souls. The more I killed, the worse I got. Then I found out that we aren’t to kill the demons when excising them out of someone. (Stupid, I know but I am obedient.) I learned that Jesus only cast them out of people while He walked on earth and we are to do the same. Well, I got hit hard and I almost died.


I was warned when I was 12 years old by the devil that he would not allow me to do my work. There was something he was afraid of me accomplishing. Jesus came right after that and anointed me to do it.  Then most of you know the story of how the dragon got near me during a 13 hour surgery. He looked like an Angel of Light so I never paid much attention during my healing process. Over time, he blurred the lines of my work so that it was showing a “somewhat” path of light sometimes and others, very clearly expressing The Pure Light because of my strong connection with Jesus. Well, I found out what was going on and cast him away from me. That was years ago and it has been one battle after another since then.

Most people don’t realize when Lucifer was cast out of the 1st Heaven, he went down to the 3rd Heaven with all of his powers and with 1/3 of the Angels. God did not take his powers away nor those of the Angels. Their punishment for the time being was to not be in the presence of God or be able to speak to God any longer. At the end of time, God will deal with all of them for their decisions.

I’m sharing this because I am told that many of you are being deceived personally and in what you share with others. And some people are praying for the answer as to “why” things are happening in their lives because it doesn’t make sense with all that they try to do. I just read this today from John Bevere: “The enemy rarely comes to us with horns and pitchfork. He masquerades as an angel of light. Not all that looks good truly is.”  We need to discern more than ever before. Discernment means acuteness of understanding/judgment. We need to judge the spirits, test the spirits; even if they present as Angels. We should not assume because it is an Angel that it is good. And as a great barometer about Angels talking with people, it rarely happens and then when it does, they will have a message from God that is scriptural, not a message about a job, relationship or everyday life.

For those who are saying, “I don’t want to think about the devil.” That is your choice of course, but know the devil is thinking about you and your family and your friends. And if you are doing work in The Pure Light, he will be doing more than that. It is said that he is roaming around looking to see who he can devour. This is not just another life we are living. This is the most important life of our soul experience. In this life, we either get it or we don’t; there are no do-overs this time.

Some people who grew up in the New Age / Metaphysical movement had negative experiences with church in their younger years. Right now, there are more people who have never been to church because their parents didn’t want them to have the same experience they did. I was raised a Catholic. A Catholic priest kicked me out of church when I went to confession one day at the age of 23. He dragged me out of the confessional because I was telling him that I was scared of my ex-husband and needed help. That was all it took for the priest to humiliate me in front of everyone in the church waiting to go to confession that there was no place for me there because I was divorced. It was so hurtful. And I desperately needed guidance and help. I do believe there was a bigger picture going on and that was that I needed to get away from the church as so many of you did too. I understand that but I was told that even when we realize that, we have held onto the hurt and that prevents us from a close walk with Jesus. Church is a place. Jesus is Life. We need to forgive those hurts from these past church experiences. And we need to not let it stop us in our quest for remembering who we are as a piece of God. We need a clear heart to walk with Jesus, even if that means clearing it every day.

I heard a statement a while back that Jesus affirmed was true. There will be more percentage of people that attend church who will not ascend than do. Isn’t that amazing?! Most churches will follow the anti-christ. What??!! Unbelievable but it is true. You can see it happening right now before our eyes the choices that the churches are making that will pave the way for these souls to be filled with a false light when the time for our ascension occurs.

Even though we may not have had good experiences in church, many of us are being called back into the church. These churches are the ones that are following Jesus and that are Holy Spirit filled, not the “dead” churches where Jesus cannot even get in. I heard today that Jesus needs us back in there to manifest The Holy Spirit. Whether that is us going in and singing and praying in tongues for The Holy Spirit to manifest during the services or signing up to babysit the babies or doing Sunday school teaching for the children or even the adults…well, there are so many things we could be doing. Just the presence of The Light flowing through us will reach someone or maybe even the entire church! This can turn the tables on the devil that wants every person of every church for his own. According to research, most churches are losing people now but I know The Assembly of God Church is experiencing positive growth (as of end of 2015) and I have had confirmation about The Church of God as well. Both of these are Pentecostal churches; which means they believe in The Holy Spirit and all of the gifts can be manifested in everyone. But those aren’t the only kinds of Bible based churches. Pray about it and see if Jesus is calling you back to church so He can guide you to the best one for you and your family.

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