Friday, Nov 4th ~ Affirmation & Messages

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“I AM strong and courageous for the Lord my God is with me wherever I AM.”


* Messages for You *

On Aug 22, 2009 I had a vision. Last night Jesus woke me up and gave me more insight into that vision; a piece I did not understand and He told me to share it with you now with the updated information.

Vision: I saw a little girl sitting on a tree. She was swinging her legs like she didn’t have a care in the world. She pointed to the sky. I looked up and saw an eagle and then a lot of identical eagles flying in a V formation from flying inland. Then I saw the water split to my right. As the water split, I saw all kinds of animals jumping or being pushed up in the air by the water…dolphins, whales, fish, etc. I heard that was why a lot of the sea animals have been migrating away from this area for some time; they “knew” this was going to happen.  I saw foam from water in places it should not be. Where I was standing in the middle of Florida, I saw water up to my knees as it started to come in.

The interpretation: The little girl not having a care is how the United States is behaving. The majority of people think it is just another day and there will always be another day. Not so. The eagles in the sky flying in formation are American military planes. The piece Jesus gave me last night was that they are coming home urgently because a major attack has happened within the USA. Then I saw a bomb in the Atlantic Ocean blow up off the coast of Florida, possibly dropping from one of these planes, which causes the tsunami. Last month I also saw that there are bombs planted by Russia submarines years ago in the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean floor in 3 places which just need to have a switch turned on remotely.  I don’t know which scenario starts the tsunami but the Russian involvement is the one I saw most recently. Florida gets the brunt of the damage and water but it will travel up the coast and around into the Gulf too. Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia and possibly Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana too, will get impacted from this event.

More insight: The planes were not coming home because of the tsunami; they were coming home because of a major attack within the USA. (“Then” a bomb blew up in the ocean.) You can look up on the internet news for when the Russians were secretly in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and we didn’t know about it for months afterwards.

For a few months when people started telling me of their dreams and visions about the tsunami hitting Florida, I have been receiving a message of “Boom, boom, boom.” Like one, two, three things happen suddenly one after the other. I didn’t feel they were all bombings but they could have been. I haven’t gotten clarity on that yet.

I prayed to get more confirmation on sending out this message at this time and a few minutes later I went to go get my mail. In the mail were two confirmations, not just one:

it-is-time-to-reinforce-your-commitment isnt-it-time

I have been thinking about this for 7 years and it has been heavy on my heart but I was never in fear. Then two weeks ago I was told, “You are not afraid not because of who you are, but because of whose you are.” I belong to Jesus. Do you? If not, ask Him to come into your heart. I have shared many, many times this statement: “It isn’t about this life, it’s about our soul.” This is why we need to be clear about this now. You may have light and power in your soul but do you have Jesus? Jesus is the Key.

On October 18th I sent out this email with a prayer for our country, our areas and ourselves. That is an excellent prayer along with Psalm 91 to pray every day until we ascend. You can find all of these emails on my Messages page of my website if you ever want to refer back to one.

Remember we are victorious in Jesus Christ,