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I am happy to pray for you; for your needs and desires. I don’t need to talk to you or be physically with you to pray for you. Space and time doesn’t matter to God. What does matter is what is in our hearts and He will listen to us as we agree for your prayers. I believe that The Holy Spirit is here working through this Ministry. God knew I would serve Him through this Ministry before I was born. (Jeremiah 1:5) Jesus said in Matthew 18:19, ‘If two of you shall agree in touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done of them by my Father which is in Heaven.’ For us to both agree for your prayers, write out your needs and desires in the form below. And then believe without wavering for the answer. I will continue to pray over your prayer request for the entire month.

For Baptisms in water and Baptisms in The Holy Spirit, fill out the form with that request.

I believe that miracles, signs and wonders can happen in whatever way we work together!

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