July 11, 2016 “If We Ever Needed You, We Need You Now”

Rev Christina Uncategorized

I have been waiting on Jesus to tell me what to share with you about the recent week of chaos and violence and I just received it. I know there are people from all over the world that get these messages with most residing in the USA and Canada but this message is for everyone.

YOU are needed now more than ever. If you have “eyes to see and ears to hear the truth” as Jesus says, then you can see, hear and know what is creating all that is going on. What is being shown on TV is NOT the truth. It isn’t about black/white people. It isn’t about police vs. criminals. There are many layers here of evil, both through spiritually-bound human beings and purely spiritual beings.

YOU are needed now more than ever to BE The Light in your country. Shine The Light of Jesus Christ. Clear your own heart (we should always do this before we ask / pray for anything) and then forgive our country and ask for forgiveness for our country. You have a right to do this. Then pray for the Holy Spirit to come. Then if you are baptized in the Holy Spirit and know how, pray the perfect prayer by Speaking in Tongues.

YOU are needed more than ever to BE the Light within your family / home / work. Shine The Light of Jesus Christ in all the things you do; cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, running errands, answering phones, etc.

YOU are needed more than ever to step up and BE all that you are and came to be as a spiritual human leader.

To do this WE need God more consciously in our lives, more than ever. We need His Light, the perfect Light. We need to be reminded of when we are acting more as  a human being than spiritual-human being. We need to be spiritual in all things first. There is no more time. Jesus has been very clear about this.

And one more insight Jesus shared with me… I know that I was prepared for these times years ago and that I would be teaching the Leaders, Teachers and Healers. What I did not know was that 100% of the people drawn to my work would be the Leaders, Teachers and Healers. I thought that would just be a portion of the people. But Jesus was very clear just now that EVERY ONE of you are the leaders, teachers and healers that He brought into this life to have His Light flowing through you to help Him serve others. EVERY ONE of you have in you what it takes to be His Leader, Teacher and Healer! He is calling you back to Him to start your work ~or~ continue your work at an elevated level of His Light. This message is for everyone! Yes, YOU!

I have included the video Jesus took me to this morning. I pray it is a blessing and I AM a blessing to you and your path! I AM honored to be working with you and walking beside you Shining This Beautiful Light of Jesus!

Just in case you don’t believe this message of all that you are, ASK Jesus to tell you / confirm it to you Himself.

In joy,