June 2016 ~ Prayers for Clearing and Illumination

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I was given Prayers to say and share to enhance the energy of our chakras starting way back in 2003 when I was first called to do this work. Since then the prayers have been evolving and people have been getting stronger by saying them.

Your chakras are spiritual energy centers of your soul. They reside in the mid line of your body. They connect from your spiritual body through your physical body. By saying prayers while concentrating on each chakra, we were building a strong foundation that could help on all levels of daily life; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Jesus had shared with me that although the word “chakra” was not specifically in the Bible, He did talk about it. It was when He healed Mary from the 7 demons. They came out of her 7 chakras; from the Root through the Crown Chakras. That was all the chakras that they had open and accessible back then.

What I have recently learned is that if we do chakra “work” then that can mess up our energy; causing our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to not function properly. I asked Jesus if I had ever done or shared chakra work and He said, “Yes, when you did a visualization of joining one chakra to another chakra.” (This was back around 2006/2007.) So I am apologizing to everyone that got that information and did that visualization or any others that could have been considered “chakra work.”

Jesus also told me that some meditations and other spiritual practices (shamanism, reiki, hypnosis, etc.), especially yoga opens up our chakras in ways that were never intended. Think of kundalini…it is a serpent. Did you know that yoga poses are intended to worship Hindu gods; not The God? Even without our intention to do so, it does. Any of these practices can cause lower energy, darkness, and demons to come into us. It can also alter our true intended path. (More yoga insights are here: http://www.pillarsofhislightministry.org/yoga-insights/.)

Through praying and asking Jesus what to do with this information, I was guided to share a clearing prayer. You can pray this over yourself to clear out your chakras and energy from anything that has gone into you or attached to you. This includes anything that could have affected you through my work as well. The prayer will cover everything you have done, your entire life. It is meant to be a huge healing. Any knowledge, insight, prayer, etc. that was the way God intended for our souls to grow would not be affected. It will only release, cast out that which is counterfeit.

The prayer is this:

Breathe ~ “In the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and God the Holy Spirit as One. I pray that my chakras and soul energy are cleared from anything that has affected me negatively whether I did it intentionally or unintentionally; through any and every spiritual practice, meditation, prayer and program; through anyone I listened to, read or watched at any point in my life. I AM making a strong choice right now to disconnect from any and all of this negative energy immediately. I pray that my life and soul path is corrected as if these things never happened. I pray that my body, my mind and my soul is completely filled with The Light of Jesus Christ. I believe this can be done. I have faith this is done in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.” ~Breathe

If you would prefer that I do this healing for you, I can do this within any Soul Session. If you would like to only take care of this and not ask any other questions, then choose the 15 minute Soul Session.

What I see when I do this is it is like your chakras are these big light bulbs like the ones you put on your house to light up the back yard. When the prayer is said with faith and strong intention, at the back of the chakra, there is darkness caked on it; which causes the light to be dimmer. This darkness shoots out of there and then the light becomes The Light and shines bright. I can feel a physical release while assisting people with this and so does the person. This is the same healing that Jesus did for Mary when the 7 demons came out of her.

After this, the next step is to make sure you do not do any of these things again so that you can stay clear. This is very important.

I was also guided to make changes with the prayers I am sharing; even though the Chakra Prayers that were posted and shared on the website and in the Radio Programs were helpful and powerful. These changes will help to make the pathway *crystal clear* as to what energies we want for our lives and souls. Jesus will continue to give me new and powerful ways for you to pray that will assist you in balancing and strengthening your body, mind and soul. I will share those as He gives them to me.

Just in case you are wondering, we are to pray every day. We are to be a walking prayer of The One Light; which is the same as the Christ Consciousness and 5th dimensional energy. That is what we have been working on for all these years; to get rid of the darkness in our lives and to get more and more clear and Light-filled. It is remembering who we are as a piece of God. The way to do that is to spend time praying and talking with The One Light, Jesus, who is God.

Here is our new Prayer so it is *crystal clear* what we are asking for while praying.

“My soul is God strong, God balanced and God blessed

Being full of The One Light

I AM a pure and clear vessel for The Holy Spirit

And complete Spiritual Human Being

Living as an example of Jesus Christ.”

Sept 4, 2016   Copyright 2016  © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator    All rights reserved. 


This next prayer takes all that beautiful, perfect God energy and pulls it together into being like a laser of The Light. Very powerful!

“My body, mind and soul are unified within The Light of Jesus Christ and The Fire of The Holy Spirit.”

Sept 4, 2016   Copyright 2016  © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator    All rights reserved.  www.ChristinaLunden.com


For the new prayer, see how you like this next one.

To do this, you would take 3 long, slow deep breaths before you start and after you are done. Then you would say the first statement out loud and then the words after that, concentrate on that word while speaking it and for a few seconds afterward, then take a breath in and out. Then move to the 2nd word doing the same thing. Where I have the words {Breathe} there you would pause before you start speaking those words and pausing after as well as taking a big, deep breath.

When you breathe in during or after a prayer, you allow your body, mind and soul to integrate that energy you are speaking. Most people will just run through a prayer in a hurry and not even think to breathe deep. When they do that, only their mind and/or body gets the energy and blessing of what is said; not the soul. Your soul is what supports you while in this physical realm. It is more you than your physical body is. It needs the benefit of our prayers as well.


Prayer for Illumination

 “I thank You God for illuminating my body, mind and soul with The Light of Jesus Christ and The Fire of The Holy Spirit.

Courage. Support.

Beauty. Passion.

Strength. Power.

{Breathe} Gold. Royal. Connection. {Breathe}

Forgiveness. Healing.

Compassion. Love.

Truth. Inspire.

Visionary.  Abilities.

Radiate. Peace.

The Holy Spirit. Wisdom.

Mouthpiece. Grace.

Light. Divine.

Serve. Share.

Blessed. Blessing.

Stability. Heaven.

Joy. Happiness.


I thank You God for illuminating my body, mind and soul with The Light of Jesus Christ and The Fire of The Holy Spirit.”

Sept 4, 2016   Copyright 2016  © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator    All rights reserved.  www.ChristinaLunden.com


Sometimes we need an extra boost during the day. In that case you can say, “All my chakras are God strong, God balanced and God blessed.”

For anyone that would like to take your prayers to a higher level, I share more insight through the Ascension Boot Camp, “Prayer” Sessions. If you are not ready to commit to that 4-part program, I can do an hour session with you through Skype video and teach you hand movements for these prayers that will increase your peace, power and spiritual abilities. Email me for more information, if you are interested.

If you are unsure of the power of these prayers, try this. Say the prayers once a day for seven days. Stop and see how your daily life goes on the eighth and ninth day. It will show you just how powerful these prayers are for strengthening and balancing you. And as always, ask Jesus to show you that this information is Truth. We must always discern for ourselves; not be followers.

In joy,



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