June 23rd ~ Clarification on Photos/Statues

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I have been asked about specific things:

Question: What about family photos – what does Jesus say in respect of framed photographs of family members and photo albums? I want to make quite sure for the obvious reasons 😊

It is a GREAT question. If it is something that you are blowing kisses at or talking to because someone has passed away, then yes, that needs to go. If it is a photo of them and you smile remembering them when you see it, then it is okay to leave it. We just can’t make it an IDOL of that person.

What about pictures of saints ~ When we walk this path with Jesus Christ being our Savior, then we are called Saints; all of us. We do not have to have a church or other people decide we are saintly. We are automatically called saints. The saints  of the Catholic Church are humans who have died. And God clearly tells us we are not to talk to or pray to dead people. This includes Jesus’ mother Mary. He never told us to worship her or pray to her. This is a huge misconception

Angel statues (big and small) in the home and yard:

If someone had a history of only clearly walking with Jesus and never talked to, prayed to or channeled angels, then those things are fine to have. If someone was praying to, talked to or channeled saints/angels, then they need to totally disconnect from it and remove it… for a long time period until they no longer look at them in that way.  For instance, if someone has an angel statue in their back yard “for protection” they need to remove it. As long as we are not thinking they do anything for us, it is fine to have them. To me, it is the same answer as with the quartz/amethyst etc. stones. We can still have them in our homes as long as we think of them as pretty rocks but if we think they are shifting our energies, making us or our home or offices feel good or filtering out the negative, then we need to remove them.

No tools! Use only what is inside of us and Jesus!

Nativity scenes ~ I do not have an answer on Nativity Scenes. But “my” thought is that is also something that we should not have. But to be clear, that is MY thought, not something I have been told to say to you. What is interesting about this question is for next year, I wasn’t going to put up my nativity scene, I had already decided to have my hubby build a manger with just a few boards screwed together. And put some hay in it and hang a star above it. I saw this around Christmas time at someone’s home and it was beautiful. I’m praying for more clarification about the Nativity scenes.

I pray that is helpful in clearing up any confusion.

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In Jesus’ Love,

Rev. Christina