May 17th ~ Special Message for Prayer

Rev Christina Uncategorized

America needs to fall on its knees. Would you pray right now and ask God for His unmerited Mercy and Forgiveness for all that we, as a country have done? The devil is doing everything right now that he can to take down this country right to a hellish place. And he may be successful if we don’t stop being silent. We are Warriors. We are powerful on our knees. This nation was once blessed by God. He will listen if we cry out to Him and change our ways; even if it is one person at a time. Ask for God’s Hand to move across our land waking people up; opening their eyes, ears and hearts. So many have shut down to God. The Bible is full of what happens to those countries. I don’t want that for the United States of America. Do you? We are going to lose this country to the devil if something doesn’t change quickly. Pray. And pass this message along to as many people as you can. Now.