Monday, March 6th ~ Affirmation + Ascension Boot Camp Prayers Class Info

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“I believe I can move the mountains in my life with my words and my faith.”

* Ascension Boot Camp ~ Prayers *

Scheduling for Tuesday, March 14th @ 9:00pm Eastern Time

Ascension Boot Camp ~ The “Ascension Boot Camp Prayer” is assisting you with saying specific prayers that Jesus gave me to say. These prayers have enabled me to do the work that I do in helping others through receiving messages of healing and insight today. I will help you to understand what these prayers mean, (“in all things, get understanding“) and when to pray them and how to pray them.

These sessions are through Skype Video.

First, you receive prayers with understanding and knowledge for balance and stability.

Next, you receive prayers with understanding and knowledge for protection.

Next, you receive prayers with understanding and knowledge for your spiritual growth, connection, increased abilities and knowledge.

Then we wrap it all up with a bow with spiritual insight rarely shared about the different Heavens, Jesus & God & The Holy Spirit, and giving you a final set of prayers that can open your heart and soul even more. This final session is on the phone.

It is not just the words of the prayers and the hand movements. It is the understanding. It is the intention. It is the pure and clear intention you and I put forth toward your spiritual path. This is an amazing work Jesus is doing and I am honored to be one He is sharing it through. This is so exciting!

Scheduling for a group to start on Tuesday, March 14th at 9pm Eastern time. Fee would be $75 – 100 for this first session. Participating in a group session saves you $50 – $75 for each session.

We will determine together after the first session when we want to do the next 3 sessions.

Please read the Ascension Boot Camp page and then email me if you are interested. You don’t have to send any money to reserve your spot.