Monday, Nov 13th ~ Be the Real One

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Reminder Prayer is:

“I will show Jesus today to all who cross my path; being an example of His Love and His Light.”

Would you like to bless someone and share the messages of this Ministry at the same time? We now have “Blessed Cards” that you can share with others.
You “bless” someone with something; a cup of coffee / drink, a meal, groceries, etc. and then you share this card. The card gives them the website address to our new “Blessed” page where they can write in to share how they were blessed by you. And it gives them the opportunity to look over the website and see if they would like to join us.
It is a great way to share Jesus, especially if you are shy or unsure of what to say. Let the Ministry share for you.
Where I live, many people pay for the drink/meal in a drive-thru. So I thought we could do that taking it one step further and give the server a Blessed Card to hand to them with their paid for food/coffee/drink which could lead them to something longer lasting; food for the soul. This card can be handed out in any way that we are blessing someone.
Here is what the card looks like:
If you would like some Blessed Cards sent to you for you to hand out,
send me an email with your name and address: