Monday, Nov 7th ~ Message and * A Blast from my Past *

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I have a message for you:

Ask for The Light of Jesus and The Fire of the Holy Spirit to “SHINE” through you bright! No fear. Shine!! Shine!! Shine!! It’s time!


* A Blast From My Past *

I found a copy of a teaching session with Jesus’ Angels that I had emailed to a friend & teacher, Wanda who was helping me learn how to use my spiritual abilities. She had a strong walk with Jesus and was fully using all of the “gifts of The Holy Spirit.” Jesus had told me she was unique and a special gift to me on my path to being His Prophet. She is the only “human” I have had share insight with me. Everything else was given spiritually. The date of the email exchange was Aug 15 & 16, 1999. This was right before the time that Jesus sent me to a Pentecostal Church to learn the Bible for two years. In this email I talk about some of the information Jesus’ Angels showed me during one of our night sessions. His Angels were sent to train me in being a Prophet to prepare me for sharing His Words during these days we are now living in right before His return. My email is 2 pages long and her replies are on the last page. As you have already seen for yourself, Egypt has already fallen. When I typed the — for the timeline, I didn’t realize that I was actually showing the length of time we had left until Jesus’ return with each dash. I knew the answer of the formula back then but have since forgotten it. I think it is interesting I just found it this week. It is very confirming for me that I am right on track with my work for Him. I thought some of you might be interested in the information too.

It is an honor to share with you! ~Christina

visions-email-1-aug-15-and-16-1999 visions-email-2-aug-15-and-16-1999 visions-email-3-aug-15-and-16-1999