Monday, Oct 24th ~ Prayer & Messages

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Today’s Prayer is:

“Dear Jesus ~ I want my life to be a gift to all I know and love. I need You to help me overcome my insecurities and allow You to unwrap the person You created me to be. Show me how to serve others. Show me what gifts You have placed in me to serve others. I want to be a blessing to You and to everyone You put on my path.”

~ Fashioned prayer from the book Prayers to My King

Warrior Girl

* Messages for You *

On Oct 19th when putting on My Whole Armor of God, I saw myself on a strong concrete foundation (my strong spiritual connection). I paused at the part where you are saying you will pray in tongues for the saints (others who believe) and did that. Then I saw giants across a field from us (the others like me.) I threw an ax at one of the Giants and it kept making contact with his body but did not hurt him and fell off. After many attempts, finally there were more of us working together and my ax then hit to the heart of this giant and another saint, went behind him and cut through his body. This giant will not be attacking the people anymore trying to spiritually stop them from hearing and seeing The Truth of Jesus. We need more people praying. We need more people clearing up their lives and taking God seriously. It is time!

* ~ * ~ *

Why is the devil and his demons here in this world? God, the devil’s Father announced after we don’t know how much time, that He was going to have human souls to go to His Heaven, the highest Heaven and reside higher than the Angels. You can imagine how this would go over in a human family and it was worse with beings that had spiritual power. They were cast out and down from their Father’s house never to feel His presence again. The fighting has been about us all along. It is all about the souls. For every soul the devil confuses with the blurry area of good or God or gets them to turn away from Jesus that is a soul that God doesn’t get in His Kingdom forever. It’s all about the numbers to the devil; he wants more.

The interesting thing that many people don’t think about is the devil and evil don’t care about the evil people. They want to destroy and kill them too because if that soul dies and hasn’t opened their heart to Jesus, the devil wins that one and they don’t want to take a chance of that person coming to their spiritual senses. Some people think that the angels they are talking to and getting answers from and will eventually see on earth care about them. They will turn on you too. They are evil. Very rarely does an Angel speak to us. The Holy Spirit is here to speak to and through us, not Angels. It’s all a game to the dark side about the number of souls they can have. Once they have you wrapped up in the blurry area or walking in the full darkness, they don’t need you anymore, unless you are turning more people dark for them, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The devil definitely wants to kill emotionally, physically and spiritually those that are actively working for God’s Kingdom and getting the messages out to save as many people from the devil as possible. These people are on a spiritual “hit list.” I know this well because I am one of them. The devil has tried to kill me many times and almost succeeded each time. I’m still dealing with the effects of his attacks. He doesn’t want me sharing any of this with you. He knew about my work when I was 12 years old and tried to intimidate me then! He almost had me fooled but I came to my senses, my God senses. And now I am clearly walking with and sharing for Jesus Christ. It’s all about the souls, my friends. Some of you may want to pray and ask, “Who has my soul right now?”