Monday, Oct 3rd ~ Affirmation & Messages

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“I AM always on God’s mind. I AM peaceful, without worry or fear, feeling the presence of God, my Father in and around me. All is well.”


* Messages for You *

While saying my prayers and putting on my mantle for the last week, I have been blowing a shofar. And I have been hearing “the woes have begun.” (in the USA)

I have been praying every day/night for forgiveness of anything I have done. I feel this is important before taking Holy Communion but I do it before bed and take Holy Communion in the morning before I start my day. And then I also pray for forgiveness for my country and all that we have done and are doing. And I ask Jesus, if it is possible to put the blanket of protection that was removed back on our land. If it can’t go over the entire country, then put it back on the parts where His people are. I was led to the scripture for when Abraham pleads to God to save Sodom. And how Abraham started by saying, if there were 50 righteous men, would you save it? And God said yes. Then he went down to 45, 40, 30, 20, 10… and God’s answer was yes each time. So what I was told was that we could pray for our AREAS by saying the same thing. Surely, there are 10 righteous people in our area. And even if there isn’t, YOU are there! God has said through His Prophets that He will take care of His people during these times so we can pray this.

I have been praying over my area diligently and asking forgiveness for anything we have done. And asking that if God could find 10 righteous men here that He put the blanket of protection back on my area. And if He couldn’t, then I was here and I prayed I would be deemed righteous. And today in church in the middle of the sermon the Pastor said this: “It is God putting the blanket of protection back on us.” Of course, he didn’t know what I was praying and his topic was totally different than this one. What a beautiful clear confirmation! Thank You Jesus! My area is safe! If you feel led to do this for your area, start today. I feel a very strong sense of urgency about this.

Note: Areas doesn’t mean cities. I live in a small city outside of a big city and my prayers are encompassing the entire area.


Also, I just received clear insight that we can pray for EVERYONE’s salvation through Jesus Christ. God doesn’t want anyone lost. So we can pray for that whether we are asked by them or not. The soul will still decide what it wants to do. For anything else, speaking in tongues is the highest way to help without permission from that person.