Monday, October 10th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“My imperfections are lost in His Radiance.”

~Psalm 34:5 from Lisa Bevere


* A Message for You *

 I say a prayer every day about God anointing me to do my work for Him. When I was saying this prayer on October 3rd, I saw an Angel of the Lord Jesus passing out food like bread from a golden container to me and 2 other Prophets standing to my left. We were all getting an equal portion of the food. Then I got a huge piece that was larger than my head and I felt was too big for me. It took me a while to swallow it. Then the Angel continued to pass out the remaining food equally except for one final piece. The Angel took the last piece and split into thirds and gave us each a portion.

The interpretation of this is that God is giving His Prophets messages (spiritual food) to share with His people. He is dividing up the messages so that one Prophet isn’t responsible for all of them. I have explained this before that we all have pieces to the puzzle of what is going on and what is to come. If God loses one Prophet to the devil’s schemes or to a decision from that Prophet to no longer do his/her work, then there are still others who will continue to share. The huge piece that was given to me will be a message that I feel is too big for me making me apprehensive. But I have always been obedient so I still take the message and will share it. I understood that when we were done giving the messages that the Angel was passing out, that would be when Jesus would return and we would ascend up to meet Him in the air.