October 29th ~ Video Messages

Rev Christina Uncategorized

My Friends,
I have been asked many times “when” will we ascend. Jesus had led me a few years ago to Irvin Baxter of EndTime Ministries for up to date information about what was going on in the world relating to Bible prophesy. The common prophetic thought has been between 2018 and 2022. Recently, Jesus has guided me to others as well with prophetic insight. Some of these Pastors are sharing insights that our ascension could be as early as next year, 2017. Each true Prophet has pieces to the puzzle of how all of this is going to happen. None of us have all of the pieces. In fact, there is a piece that has been purposefully left out.

I recently had a dream with Jesus and He was showing me everything that was happening and yet to come on a table, in the form of a puzzle. There were only a few pieces left to put into the puzzle for it to be completed. No surprise there. But I noticed there was this one tiny piece that wasn’t sitting with the rest of the pieces. I picked it up and when I saw it, ALL the other pieces in the puzzle came together and made so much sense. I remember saying to Him, “This is what we are missing? This? It’s so simple, how could we miss that?” And yet, we do. I held the piece as I was starting to wake up thinking that I could bring the information back to share with you but I couldn’t. It’s not supposed to be revealed. This one little piece will remain missing from Bible prophecy and that is why we need Jesus to fill in the blanks for us.

Jesus said to me many times, “It is time.” And I feel that urgency. We have to wake up ourselves and do what we need to do so we won’t miss Him when He calls us up in the air during the Ascension. We need to boldly look at our lives and see what is holding us back from that meeting with Him? What books do we have in our home that represent things other than the Pure Light? What spiritual tools do we use or have that represent things other than the Pure Path? I did 3 sweeps of my home in the last 2 years and the last time I still had 67 pounds of books and things that I threw out that were not in alignment with who I AM in Jesus. It seemed like each time my eyes could see the blurry lines of mixing spiritual beliefs clearer. Even if we don’t use these things anymore we need to get rid of them. Everything produces energy. And the biggest reason why we need to throw them out is if we ascend our “things” are going to be left behind for our families and friends and strangers to find. We could be responsible for them not getting the pure message of Jesus because they will think we ascended through reading those things or using those tools. That is not good. We want everyone to join us, even if they didn’t make it the first Ascension.

These two videos came to me as an answer to a couple of questions I asked yesterday. Perhaps you will have your questions answered. I will validate to you that the child, Nathan did die and he is speaking truth. Is all of what he speaks our truth also? You discern everything for yourself. He does name the anti-christ as Gog in Bible prophecy. Pastor Irvin Baxter has a different answer for where the anti-christ comes from so like I said earlier, we all have pieces and those of us that are not false prophets that spew out anything to mislead people, are doing the best we can to share the vetted information with others. You pray. You discern. And please share this and all the emails with as many people as possible. We need to be braver and bolder. Jesus says, “It is time.” If we are really love and are concerned about our family and friends and their souls, why wouldn’t we share these things? If we don’t, who will?