I would be honored to have you partner with me serving Jesus!

In 2016, I received a new Commission from Jesus and my work is now reflecting that commissioning. There are so many things that Jesus says to me and teaches me each day that I would be honored to share with you to help you with your life, work and service. After praying for months about this next step, I have been told what to share and how to share with you.

Become a Partner for a monthly Tithe of $25 or more

And help me share Jesus with the world

$25 is just the suggested amount. Prayerfully decide on what your monthly amount will be. This Ministry cannot function without the generous assistance from our Partners. 

~ You will receive prayers, teachings, visions and information on topics such as: My Mantle Visions and My Whole Armor of The One True God Visions and dreams. Also insight about Jesus returning, our Ascension/Rapture, the Bible and prophecies, the anti-christ/false-prophet, the mark of the beast, one world government, one world religion, fallen angels, giants, the weather, biblical signs in the stars, asteroids and planets and tsunami’s, earthquakes, disasters and what I call, Teaching Moments on how to detect the devil’s twisting of things to try to fool us. And of course, anything else Jesus wants to share through me.

~ As I receive the information to share, I will make it available to you. This info will not be cross-posted onto my regular Facebook page or in the Daily Affirmation & Message emails. I highly recommend that everyone continue to receive these Daily Affirmation & Messages emails so you don’t miss out on anything I share in there. If you are not signed up for those emails, you can do that at the top of this page by putting your email address in the Newsletter link.

~ I will also research what the multitude of other spiritual ministers, prophets and teachers are saying and will share those videos and messages that Jesus encourages me to watch and listen to personally, which will save you the time of doing the research yourself. You will still always need to discern this filtered information for yourself but this could save you hours and hours each week; especially as fast and furious this spiritual information is coming.

~ Prayer of God’s Blessing over your monthly payments ~ Jesus told me from day one of starting my work for Him in this Virtual Ministry that anyone who pays any money to me; through Teachings, Tithes (10% of income) and Offerings, to pray a blessing over their money as instructed in the Bible (Malachi 3:10-11). I have been doing that all this time and will continue to pray over each payment. I AM thankful for your prayerful giving.

* Bonuses *

~ Bonus #1 ~ Access to our Private Partner’s Blog page – You will be given monthly access to this Partner’s page. On this page I can freely share and interact with you. The posts cannot be forwarded. What I post and you comment on is kept secret within the group. This will allow us a safe place to interact. And that is the main point of providing this page. So we can interact daily about things in the moment.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete anyone who is disrupting the peace of the group without explanation.

~ Bonus #2 ~ I will do Facebook Live Video Teachings to share special messages with you, which will be shared on our Facebook Secret page called PARTNERS Pillars of His Light. You would need a Facebook page to view these videos.

Ready to Become a Partner?


The monthly payments will be automatically renewed on the 1st day of each month for the amount you have designated over $25 USD. Payments not received by the 3rd of each month will cancel your subscription and the Facebook access. You may cancel at anytime. No refunds given.

I thank you for helping spread Jesus’ messages and am honored to share with you in this special way!

In Jesus’ Love, Rev. Christina Lunden