Events and Programs

I have two ways to share with you:

On Facebook here: Pillars of His Light Ministry, Inc.

Pillars of His Light Ministry, Inc.
on Blog Talk Radio

These Facebook Live Video and BlogTalkRadio Audio recorded teaching messages are inspired to help everyone to receive insight into how to maintain the highest and easiest path of life while at the same time preparing for Jesus’ return and our Ascension. We are told that we will not know the day or the hour but that we would be able to discern the times. Jesus often said those with eyes to see and ears to hear would understand. This is the time for Jesus’ return for all souls who have His Salvation. Each program will have prayers, affirmations, wisdom and knowledge to enhance your walk with Jesus. With an open eyes, ears and heart, each time you listen to these programs you will receive fresh and new anointing for your life and answers about your path.

If you sign up on Facebook, click so you can see my posts at the top of your feed. This way when I am going to do a Facebook Live Video, you are notified.

If you get an account with BlogTalkRadio and sign up on my page, you can ask to be sent an email when I add that I am going to do a teaching. And also a reminder an hour before so that you can join in live.

You can join in live or watch and listen to the recording at any time. The audio recordings you can download them to your computer, Mp3 player, cell phone, etc. to be played over and over again, whenever you want more insight, encouragement or a powerful boost of confidence and energy.

These programs are free for everyone. If you would like to share the Live Videos with anyone, have them join the Facebook Ministry page. Anyone can listen to the audio program.

If you would like to financially support this Ministry, you can send your tithe or an offering through the link at the top of this page or you can mail cash, check or money order to my mailing address. If mailing, send me an email and ask for the address.

All tithes and offerings are prayed over with a Blessing as commanded by God in the Bible. If you would like to read this blessing and what it promises, click on the Tithes/Offerings link to read it. It’s amazing.

I pray that this Ministry continues to be exactly what you are seeking and need each time we share and that all of it helps your relationship with Jesus grow stronger. We are getting closer to His return for us and my service for Him is to get as many prepared as I can.

In Victory and Love,

Rev. Christina Lunden

Programs and future programs dates and times are posted on the BlogTalk Radio page. Click here to go to that page.