Sept 12th ~ Doreen Virtue

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Today’s Prayer is:

“May I always see the Truth, hear the Truth and know the Truth, even if I don’t want it.”

I was very surprised to be one of the last people to hear about Doreen Virtue’s change towards Christianity. I was skeptical but having been fooled by the enemy myself, like so many others, I wanted to listen to her and see what was Truth. I am including her story, in her own words in a video. See the article below. Then the 2nd video is another one that she made. What I want to share with you on top of these things is it took me until the end of the first video before I discerned that she is telling the truth.

The main reason I discerned that she is telling the truth is the vitriol coming from the New Age Community. I was forwarded an email which had a woman in it that was talking about Doreen’s conversion and the woman’s face contorted and kept going in and out showing a demonic presence. I have seen this many times through Skype in clients and on videos so I knew it wasn’t a glitch over and over on the screen. The enemy is mad.

She thinks she has fully converted to Christianity. Unfortunately, she has made it from the clear dark to the fence in the blurry area between Jesus and Satan where she is standing. Remember Jesus said that only the narrow path was His. The fence and the other side was all the devil’s. She is trying but after all this time, she is going to have to fight to get to that narrow path and most of you know, this isn’t going to be easy. She needs prayer for her to clearly see Jesus. She needs help and a lot of support. This is a huge win if she can make it. If she just stops where she is at, its the same outcome as being on the other side.

How do I know she is not yet on the narrow path? She is saying sin is not sin. She is making concessions where there are none to give. God’s Word is very clear. When an answer is No, it is always No. He doesn’t change His mind. Like, Tarot cards through Jesus are okay. Just pray about it. Well, if a person is using a Tarot card deck to gleam information, the demon they are talking to is going to say, sure it is okay and they won’t know they aren’t talking with Jesus. There are so many other things in the videos where she hedges. And I am not blaming her for being in that space. I lived in that space for years! So I know how hard I pushed through with the devil every step of my way sending people and things to me to either entice me to go back or to scold or scare me into going back. It’s hard. But once I found out The Truth, there was no going back. And Doreen isn’t there yet. She thinks she is but she has to have more revelation to get there. Unfortunately, she is in a church that is not Bible based. So she won’t get the revelation through her church.

I heard yesterday that the New Age / Metaphysical movement was the largest un-reached (not sure that is a word but you get the idea) group by the Christians because Christians don’t understand them. Many of you have grown with me by walking out of that movement so we do understand. We have had to have hard raw conversations with Jesus Christ asking forgiveness and many, many questions about how to make corrections so we could see and know the lies. We never want to fall for them again. We can use Doreen as a way to reach people; start a conversation. You can’t just send out the video and let people believe that she is a Christian. You’ll need to be responsible and explain that she is not there yet and why and what needs to be done so they don’t get stuck on the fence and find out one day, they missed Jesus and the Ascension and later Heaven.

I am proud of Doreen. My Partners were praying for her the end of last year and beginning of this year and I would like to think that we helped her. Then she just kind of fell off our radar. So I am bringing it up again. Let’s help her get to the narrow path with us. Pray for her true Salvation in Jesus and for her eyes, ears and heart to open to the Only Truth.

If anyone is reading this and watching Doreen and is confused and don’t know what to do now or have questions about why she made this change, reach out to me or to the person who shared this with you. I would be honored to talk with you. You know it says in the Bible that “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24) That means that the devil is so sneaky that everyone could be fooled, but Jesus won’t allow those walking with Him to be. So being fooled by him is easy when we don’t have Jesus. But that can be corrected with one conversation with Jesus (see below) or a phone call with me. There is no cost to you. Everything in this Ministry is free to all, thanks to the generous support of my Partners.

Here is a prayer: “Jesus, I ask You to come into my life and forgive me of all of my sins. I reject Satan and all his works. I confess You, Jesus are the Lord of my life. Write my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life right now. I want to ascend when You come back for us. Thank You for saving me, in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen and Amen”

If you said that prayer, congratulations! Send me an email so I can celebrate with you and support you. or you can reach me through my website:


And for more information, here is another video:

Like I said, Doreen is halfway to full understanding and acceptance of all that Jesus is, not who the devil has made Jesus out to be. This is a huge blessing for many souls since Jesus is coming soon now they can see a choice in front of them. Pray they join us in the Rapture. Doreen was someone they admired and sat under and she is showing them a glimpse of the only True path. I pray Doreen is safe and protected from the anger of the enemy. This is huge. Wow. I have to say this surprised me, in such a good way!

In Jesus’ Love,

Rev Christina