Sept 7th ~ Stand in the Gap for Your Family

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Prayer is:

“Jesus, I am standing in the gap for my family to recognize you as their Lord and Savior.

I am grateful that you will never give up on them, just as you never gave up on me.

I am looking forward to being with all of my family with You in Heaven one day.

Thank You Jesus! Amen!”


You have to fight for your loved ones! You have to stand in the gap for them and declare and decree their freedom!

You have to believe in the power of prayer and know that you know that prayer is the healing force that breaks through the darkness and wraps Gods love and protection around your loved one.

It does not matter how far off into the darkness your loved one is. They are still God’s child and He loves them as much as He loves me, you, or the preacher of the biggest church in the world…God loves us all the same and we are All equal in His eyes, and His view of us is only one that truly matters.

So keep praying!! Ignore the lies of the enemy! God has not left your loved one! God does hear your prayers! I promise!

It took the prayers of my loved ones years to reach me because I was stubborn and so cold towards God that I could not feel His pull on my heart or if I did feel it I ignored it because my want for drugs was much stronger than my need for a savior! I had to come to my end, in order for Jesus to begin His work in me.

Your loved ones have to get to that point where their want for what ever they are enslaved to is over won by their need to be free of it, for a Savior!

So pray pray pray!!! It is key to your loved ones freedom, release!

~ Written by Mary Priddy