Thursday, Dec 8th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“This is the time I have been preparing for.

I remember to use prayer and the spiritual tools I have learned.

I AM a powerful warrior.”


* A Message for You *

This is just A FEW of the things going on in ONE HOUR yesterday:

Reno Nevado – school lockdown because of officer involved shooting.

2 juveniles charged in deadly wildfires in and around Gatlinburg, Tennessee where 14 were killed.

Man charged officers with a knife in Raleigh, NC and they shot.

Shooting at a Wal-Mart in Glendale Arizona.

Major fire on Interstate 10 in Phoenix, Arizona.

2 Officers shot and 1 killed in Americus, Georgia.

Suspicious package closed 210 freeway in Pasadena, California.

This country needs your prayers. Things may not be happening in your area now but the “theater” is being prepared for these situations to be bigger and broader, affecting more people each time. Many people will be asleep; eyes, ears and hearts closed. This is not just another day. No day is any more. The devil is fighting mad. He lost this country. But he hasn’t given up or gone away. He is real whether people want to believe that or not. Evil is real. And the best weapon against that evil is our prayer and belief in Jesus. The devil is an angel originally created by God. He is NOT a god. The One True God did create gods but he is not one of them. He just pretends he is and he uses the power that people give him to get stronger and be able to cause more destruction to all of the things that God loves.

I heard last July from a person who was almost fully possessed by a demon tell me that a witch was going to be President in 2017. I brushed it off. And while this person was writing backwards on a piece of paper with eyes as black as they could be, she eerily said that I would be shocked to know how many witches were in the United States and that they were rapidly growing in number and all in agreement with what they were trying to do. I will never forget that day or the rest of that conversation. It was eye opening to me, even with my experience with demons. I know many people don’t want to know these things but that is part of his expertise too! If we don’t acknowledge evil, the devil knows we can never be part of the solution and he wins battles. Yes, ultimately Jesus defeats the devil. The end is already written. What people don’t realize is that WE are written in there too! Our prayers! Our voices! The tribulation period is going to happen no matter what but the level of tribulation that we have to go through is up to us now. Pray, my friends like your life and soul depends on it. Pray for your countries. Pray for your leaders. Pray for the salvation of each soul in your neighborhood, county, state and country. Pray forgiveness. Pray salvation. Pray for Jesus in all things at all times. Be fully committed to this path. The witches are. They are not in-fighting like Christians do. They are of one mind; the devil’s mind. Evil is here and we are the solution.

In Victory and Love, Christina

Follow up:

I have received several emails this morning before I got out of bed that I said Donald Trump was a witch and threatening to drop off my list. Great example of in-fighting. I, in no way said that Donald Trump was a witch. One of the things that is so very important is to read the words that a Prophet says. Don’t insert or take away words.

Think about this; why would the devil be so mad if Donald Trump was a witch and he was the person he wanted to get into office? The devil would have been happy, not raving mad. I didn’t put a name in the email because the demon did not say a name. All he said through that possessed woman was that a witch was going to get in as President. That was their plan. And they have been doing rituals and dark magic / spells to make sure that happened. And at the same time, the Remnant of Jesus rose up and finally listened to Him and started praying. (We are a remnant, small according to the size of the world but we can have more power!) The message today was, DON’T STOP! He is not in office yet and a lot can happen to him. I know the power of demons and what they can do to your life. This man needs prayer to keep his head up towards Jesus. He has so many praying for him that are not walking closely with Jesus and there isn’t a lot of power there. I know the group that reads these messages. We are powerful!

If you are one that wants to drop off this list because of an election or I can only say what you want me to, you are definitely on the wrong email list. I am working for Jesus Christ. The things I share with you are NOT my opinion but things He tells me to share with you so your problem is with Jesus and that really is a problem. If you are angry about the election, I suggest praying for forgiveness because that will affect your spiritual walk tremendously and your effectiveness in prayer, life and everything. We need to have a clear, clean heart to pray effectively.

If I ever have an opinion that I share, I say, “This is from me.” Or something like that. Some of you need to talk to Jesus and get out of the human stuff and fully into His Holy Spirit. We need all the prayer and His Light flowing here now and until we ascend. It’s only going to get rougher from here. The election gave us a few moments to catch our breath but that’s over! Donald Trump is not our Savior, Jesus is. He was never meant to be our Savior. Donald Trump will try but he can’t fix this broken place. The devil has already gotten into this world too much. Just read the Bible and you will see what is going to happen and it is not Donald Trump’s fault. The best thing that could happen is that he protects Israel and doesn’t allow the division of that country. Then our country will not be physically divided, which is going to take many lives and affect all of us. And the other really great thing is if we do see the anti-christ before we ascend, Donald Trump is arrogant enough to tell him to stay out of our country and then we won’t have to decide if we are taking the mark of the beast. You won’t have to stand in front of someone and say, “Yes I will” and live physically but die spiritually. Or “No I won’t” and get killed physically but live forever in Heaven. Donald Trump is a person who could prevent that happening in our country. The worst thing that could happen is the devil getting a hold in him and all the devil’s well laid plans will come to fruition. Donald Trump is a baby at this spiritual walk, like we all are / were at one time. We are not here to judge his walk or we will be judged. But we are commanded to pray for our leaders while remembering our hope is in Jesus, not in them.

In Victory and Love,

We Are Not Of This World