Thursday, Feb 16th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“The Word of God is living and active within me and sharper than any double edged sword.”

~ Formulated from Hebrews 4:12

* Pillars of His Light *

You still have time to sign up for the new Subscription Program for February! I love this new format of sharing more than ever before in real time. We are having amazing discussions!

I would love to share with you more! More visions, more teachings, more prayers, more spiritual insights and the list goes on and on.

Earlier in 2016, I received a new Commission from Jesus and my work is now reflecting that commissioning. There are so many things that Jesus says to me and teaches me each day that I would be honored to share with you to help you with your life, work and service. After praying for months about this next step, I have been told what to share and how to share with you.

The Monthly Subscription is yours for $25 USD

with the additional option of Expressing Your Appreciation

~ You will receive prayers, teachings, visions and information on topics such as: My Mantle Visions and My Whole Armor of The One True God Visions and dreams. Also insight about Jesus returning, our Ascension, the Bible and prophecies, the anti-christ/false-prophet, the mark of the beast, one world government, one world religion, fallen angels, giants, CERN, the weather, biblical signs in the stars, asteroids and planets and tsunami’s, earthquakes, disasters and anything else Jesus wants to share through me.

~ As I receive the information to share, I will make it available to you. This info will not be cross-posted onto my regular Facebook page or in the Daily Affirmation & Message emails. I highly recommend that everyone continue to receive these Daily Affirmation & Messages emails so you don’t miss out on anything I share in there. If you are not signed up for those emails, you can do that on my website Home page by putting your email address in the Newsletter link.

~ I will also research what the multitude of other spiritual teachers are saying and will share those videos and messages that Jesus encourages me to watch and listen to personally, which will save you the time of doing the research yourself. You will still always need to discern this filtered information for yourself but this could save you hours and hours each week; especially as fast and furious this spiritual information is coming.

~ Prayer of Blessing over your Expression of Appreciation payments ~ Jesus told me from day one of starting my work for Him that anyone who pays any money to me for my work; through Sessions, Donations (Expression of Appreciation) or Tithes (10% of income), to pray a blessing over their money for an abundant return. I have been doing that all this time and will pray over each of your Subscription payments and Expression of Appreciation monthly payments too. I AM thankful for your prayerful giving.

* Bonuses *


~ Bonus #1 ~ Secret Facebook page – You will be given monthly access to this secret page called “Pillars of His Light.” I use this page to share with you live Facebook videos.

~ Bonus #2 ~ Access to the Members Only Section of my website. This will allow us a safe place to interact without Facebook looking over our shoulders. We can interact daily about things in the moment. You can feel free to comment and only the current members will be able to see what you write.

~ Extra Special Bonus ~ The new Mentoring Session rate reduced for subscribers

To sign up for the Subscription program, here is the link on my website: