Thursday, Jan 26th ~ Affirmation & Message

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Affirmation & explanation is:

“Jesus, today let there be less of me and more of You in all of my interactions.”

And taking it one step further… “Let there be none of me and all of You.”

I say it this way: “Jesus, let there be less of me and more of You; none of me, all of You!”

I believe I got that statement from Pastor Creflo Dollar teachings years ago. It is difficult and hard to believe that we can start out with the “None of me” statement. So work your way up. The Holy Spirit flowing through you will let you know if what you are saying is truthful in your situation. This isn’t a race. This is a relationship.

* A Message for You *

This one is very specific to some people questioning right now what they are to do or doing:

Don’t work for God; worship God.