Thursday, July 13th ~ Message + Prayer

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Rest assured my child, I hear you! I hear every word you say when you talk to Me. I see every tear you cry & know everything that concerns you. Don’t forget your words have power. Don’t forget to speak to the problem. Don’t forget who you are in Me. Don’t forget where you are seated far above! Don’t forget I am on your side. Don’t forget I have good plans for you. Don’t forget how much I love and cherish you. Don’t forget who lives in you.
Your Good Father
Written by Nicole Marbach

Here is a prayer fashioned from these words that you can say:


Thank You Jesus for hearing me every time I talk to You. You see every tear I cry and know everything that concerns me. I remember my words have power. I remember to speak Your Words to any problems I may encounter. I remember who I am in You. I remember I am seated far above anything here. I remember you are on my side. I remember you have good plans for me. I thank You, Jesus that You love and cherish me. And I will always remember you are living inside of me.
Your Daughter/Son