Thursday, July 14th ~ How You Can Help; A Call to Prayer

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I was told last night to send out an email today to everyone and I apologize because I thought I had more time as the day wasn’t over. I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to take a nap. I woke up to the news about the situation in Nice, France. Evil is in our faces, once again. Think about the chosen place for this particular situation. (Say the word as nice.) This attack happened “somewhere Nice.” You can see how that sounds to you. Can you imagine what that does to someone with no spiritual connection/support? Total fear. They need you!
I heard someone yesterday say about these situations, “All we can do is pray.” That sounds so empty; so defeatist. We pray knowing it is the best and most effective thing we can do. We pray knowing we have power because we are connected to The One Power. And in that prayer, we are creating unseen change. We are helping to uplift the emotions of people wherever needed. We are changing the environments where these evil situations are occurring, one spiritual molecule at a time from fear to love to The Light.
Through the end of July is a critical time for the United States. And through the election is still really dicey. And then it will continue from there. What do we do? We pray now. We can no longer say, “I will do that tomorrow.” Or, “I will act spiritual tomorrow.” Tomorrow is not the answer. Tomorrow is too late. Today is when we need to act; always in the Now.
Remember your breath is a *key*. Breathing long, slow, deep breaths will move you out of your logical mind and get you balanced back into your heart. It makes the difference between reacting to something and choosing to act. Breathe deep, several times a day. If something stressful is actively going on in your life, do it several times an hour. Try it. You will see the difference it makes in your body, mind and soul.

I have been working on a prayer for everyone and I was told now is time time to share it. Speaking it with intention you will be speaking beautiful, powerful Heavenly energy into creation here.Remember to not rush through this. Speak it out loud. And breathe deep. Pray this several times a day, if you can. You will notice the power it has within a few days because it is blessing you while blessing everyone.


“Heaven is above me.
Heaven is beneath me.
Heaven is before me.
Heaven is behind me.
Heaven is beside me.
Heaven is flowing through me.
Heaven is everywhere around me.”
For those of you that have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, follow with speaking in tongues.
Here are hand movements for those of you that pray with your body as well, especially those that have been through the Ascension Boot Camp program with me:
Above – arms raised, flat palms facing upward (always fingers and thumb together)
Beneath – arms at side, flat palms facing downward
Before – arms straight in front, palms facing forward
Behind – flat palms facing behind you, fingers up, by your ears
Beside – arms out to your sides, palms facing away from you, fingers up
Flowing through – like you are grabbing a shaft of light with both hands and pulling it down in front of you, starting at your head and going down to your Core area.
Everywhere – turn around in a circle, arms out to your sides, palms facing away from you, fingers up
Another prayer suggested to pray; which is the strongest protection prayer in the Bible, is Praying Psalm 91. Here it is on my website: Psalm 91. If you would prefer to go directly to it through my website, it is on the Messages page, in a post in October 2014. Or you can use a Bible online to look it up, if you don’t have one at home. Here is the New King James Version of the Prayer on
If you would prefer another version, you can choose from a multitude of them on that website. Saying Psalm 91 every morning will help give you peace and keep you calm, in the midst of these situations. We are to be the strong ones, The Lights. We can’t do that if we get overwhelmed with the negative energy or go into fear. That is what the evil is counting on. Here are a few of the statements in Psalm 91:
“He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I trust.”
“He covers me with His feathers, and under His wings I take refuge.”
“I AM not afraid of the terror by night”
“A thousand may fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand; but it does not come near me.”
“Because (your name) has set her/his love upon Me, I deliver her/him; I set her/him on high because she/he knows My Name.”
There is so much more inside the Psalm; very, very powerful.
Staying in joy,
 Burning Bush
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