Thursday, June 15th ~ Affirmation + Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

The Light shines bright through my life.

With every step I take, it shines brighter and brighter.

Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine!”

* A Message for You *

I just want to yell at the world and say, “Stop! That’s enough!” I have had it with evil! But me yelling isn’t going to change anything. What will change lives and souls is me being the Light consistently, every day. Me praying for the Salvation of Jesus for all people. Praying that their eyes, ears and hearts open to Jesus and can clearly see they have a choice to go to Heaven one day. Jesus is coming soon and the devil knows it and the anger and the rhetoric and the actions are going to get worse. Stop and think how unreasonable people are now. That is because they are being poked and prodded by the evil that is now fully present on earth. They are reacting to it. We need to love these people and pray for them. The uglier they behave the stronger we should pray for their souls to be released from this evil presence. We know that the anti-christ will come out on the world stage soon and we know that Jesus will ultimately defeat him however, hell wasn’t made for human souls! It was made for demons. In your daily life, you may not think about what comes after this life or even about demons. It is a normal thought in my life. I was brought up by Jesus showing me the devil’s tactics and how cunning and crafty he is. It even says in the Bible that even the people who are walking with Jesus could be deceived if it was allowed to go on long enough. God has shortened the time that he can try to fool us. The only way not to be fooled is to walk with Jesus closely. So closely that you cannot see any difference between Him and you. I would love to help you see Jesus and ask Him to protect you from the evil the devil has planned for you and all of us. You can contact me by responding to this email.

For those of you that feel the urge to immediately dismiss this, do this one thing: Keep my website information, even if you delete off of this mailing list. If things are not so blurry by the time the anti-christ comes and you can recognize that you are being asked to take the mark of the beast in the form of some aid (like money), come back to my work. I will have all the information to help you on my website whether I have ascended or not. The website will still be there. So write my website information down. For now my website is:
and by the end of this year, it will be changing to

I agree with Jesus; we don’t want any of you to go through those horrific days alone! The answers will be on my website.