Thursday, Nov 10th ~ Prayer & Message

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Prayer is:

“Jesus, I AM listening!”


* A Message for You *

 On 11/9 (the day after the election) I said my prayers and put on The Whole Armor of the One True God. I saw myself standing at attention and didn’t see too much going on. So I looked around, side to side and then up and down. I was shocked when I looked down because everything looked so normal in every other direction except for what was under me. I was standing on a clear platform and under the platform I saw the devil. He was close and smiling and very angry. I heard, “It is a trap!”

I prayed about the message and I was told that the election was over but Donald Trump was not in office yet. There were many people saying what are the appropriate things to say but they don’t mean them. We are in more danger now as a country in the next 3 months than we were 2 days ago. We need to continue to pray for this country and for President elect Donald Trump and his safety. The devil is mad, really mad. I haven’t seen him that mad before. And he is not going to just walk away and accept this answer. Neither will those he controls.

Be smart. Use situational awareness when you are going anywhere. Have a plan to contact family when a national emergency happens. And have extra food and supplies at home/office/car. And most of all pray!