Thursday, Nov 17th ~ Affirmation & Message

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Prayer is:

“In the Strong Name of Jesus, I pray rain in every area with drought and every fire. I pray rain! I pray rain! I pray rain!”


Where I live in Tennessee the smoke from the fires in the Southeastern USA is here. There has been an air quality alerts every day. There are even some fires now. Some of which have been because of the drought and the rest were arson. The fires are going east to west and have made it over the Appalachian Mountains. There was no rain in the forecast here until this Friday and then it was only 20% chance of actually getting it. With all that I have had going on in my life; I didn’t even think to pray about them. But a couple of nights ago, Jesus put it on my heart that I needed to pray about this. I remembered a teaching I had from long ago that talked about not “praying for rain” but “pray rain.” There was something about it being more powerful and effective to leave out the word “for.” So I did. I started repeating over and over “I pray rain!” Then I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and it had rained! It wasn’t a downpour but the ground was wet. Last night I did it again but extended it out to the fires. I got confirmation at my home that it is raining when I pray that. See the photos of the radar where it shows no rain in my area and for the states around me. And the other is a photo of my backyard at the same time. The deck, concrete pad and grass was all wet!

weather-radar-nov-16-2016 rained-wed-nov-16-2016

So I am suggesting that those of you who are praying for the USA if you want to help with this situation, “Pray Rain.” And if you are not in an area with the fires in your blanket of protection then focus your thoughts on North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky and any other state that you know is having the drought and fires.