Thursday, Oct 27th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“I AM a strong and powerful force flowing The Light of Jesus Christ.”


* A Message for You *

Jesus told me I was His “key” and that I would help His people. I didn’t quite understand that at first. But then during the Soul Sessions, I noticed a door appear to my left and I “knew” I was to unlock the door and put the people through it. I noticed that some of the people I was healing through Jesus would go and stay behind the door and others would come back out to the front after I placed them through the door. Jesus explained to me that He was the door. And the people that stayed behind the door, were people who were fully walking with Him. They had already asked Jesus into their hearts and lives. The other people, who didn’t stay behind the door, were walking blurry spiritual paths. They had spiritual power but weren’t using it in the highest way, through only Jesus. He said these people were being fooled that they didn’t need to make any changes.  Only those people that make it on the other side of the door before Jesus returns are going to ascend, no matter how much power they have in their soul.  There will be a second chance after the Ascension but I don’t know why anyone would want to live through that if they didn’t have to.keyWhich side of the door are you? Ask Jesus if you don’t know. If you haven’t verbally asked Him to come into your life and heart and asked forgiveness for everything you have ever done, (He has already forgiven you so it is just a matter of owning it), then you can do it now. It’s simple and just takes a minute. Your soul will be forever blessed because of that decision.