Thursday, October 13th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“Today is important for my life and the lives of others. I will treat it as a gift from God and treasure each moment.”


* A Message for You *

On October 9th, I woke up with God speaking to me. I was in that twilight state so I can’t remember the first words of the sentence but I remember asking about the USA and being concerned about the people not knowing of what was happening now and to come. This is what He said:

“___ ___ ___ ____ listen! My people need to heed My words. My people need to heed My words. My people need to heed my words.”

I knew He was answering saying that He was talking to people in dreams and visions and in prayer but His people were not listening or trying to negotiate a different answer from Him and therefore would be unprepared.


* Vision of the Ark *

When I was preparing for the “Be Bigger, Braver and Bolder” Events around the country, I was told to share at a couple of them an exercise where you visualize your life or work as a boat. So I did the exercise myself so that I could remember all the steps of interpreting the vision. Many of you will remember this exercise as I have shared it many times in groups and radio teachings over the years.

I asked to see my work as a boat. Immediately, I saw a huge ark. It was completely wooden, to the point that I could not see any lines of the boards. It looked like it was all one piece of wood. The back of the ark had the platform down, which I knew was for people to get on board. When I went to the next step of looking at the water, it was very deep yet clear. There were waves beside the ark but insignificant to the size of it. What surprised me was this huge, massive wave that was over 2 times taller than the ark. It was not far away from the ark. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I saw the wave and then “knew” there were many waves to come after that like the first.

The interpretation is this: The size of the ark is the size of how much I share for Jesus. It was never this large before this year. The new condition of it shows that I have made a change in my work. The ark showing that it was one piece rather than a bunch of boards means that there is not going to be a possibility of leakage into it therefore once we are all on board, we will be spiritually safe and secure. The clarity and depth of the ocean water shows that I have a very strong, clear connection with Jesus. The little waves compared to the ark are the issues / troubles / attacks that I deal with in order to share my work with you. The ark also represents just like Noah’s ark that my work is now (not before but the way it is this year) a safe haven from the destruction and tribulation that will occur and a salvation for each soul who makes it on board. We only have a little time left since I see the platform of the ark still down but the massive wave is not far away. And as I write to you I hear Jesus repeating, “It is time!” He has said that so often in 2016 starting with the prompting to travel and share in the “Be Bigger, Braver & Bolder” Events. There are so many people who are not going to make it on board.

I know that there will be destruction in the USA as never seen before. I am going to share again, if you are having dreams or visions of moving or leaving an area, do it. Pray and ask your questions only to Jesus (no Angels at all) so the devil can’t fool you when you get an answer. Much of the prophetic information is lining up for tectonic plate movement in areas that have not seen movement in the USA history. There will be places underwater that shouldn’t have water. And the New Madrid Fault is going to restructure the USA. We are going to have bombings in the USA; we will not just be watching it on TV in other countries. So pretty much everyone in Florida, on all the coast lines (east and west) and in the middle of country surrounding the New Madrid Fault needs to be praying about what to do and when. You can pray for the information to come in dreams if you haven’t learned to hear or see spiritually. It’s not if things are going to occur, it is when. Between now and January there will be a lot of activity; worse if the US govt goes to the UN and forces Israel to split its land and give it to the Palestinian people. If we do that, then our land will be split.

This is a message from one of His Prophet’s warning ahead of time for everyone to be aware of time running out and for everyone to get prepared. It’s not life as usual anymore. Jesus prophesied to us what would occur at this time and you can read about it for yourself in the Bible. Matthew 24 is The Olivet Discourse and a great place to start. The Bible has never been proven wrong. God doesn’t do anything without giving His Prophets a message to tell His people and we each have a choice to listen. So hear is your message. What God doesn’t do is keep sounding the alarm. Eventually, like our alarm clocks when we hit snooze or turn it off, He will be quiet acknowledging our choice.

I am grateful after much shaping and molding that I can be His mouthpiece for you. If you want to share this information with others, you can post on social media with the links at the top and also forward through email. All the (not false) Prophets are sounding the alarm like never before. Sometimes I wonder if the “Be Bigger, Braver & Bolder” Event was for me so that I could feel comfortable sharing these messages. I do realize what I am saying to you. And at the same time, I know who is giving me these messages for you and also know in whose authority I speak. If you want to know, just ask Jesus. He will tell you.

Remember, I am here for you. I can’t answer every email but I can assist with your personal questions in phone sessions. I have reduced the fee to what it was years ago so it would be easier for you. Also, I am now taking registrations for the Phone & Skype “Be Bigger, Braver & Bolder” Events coming up. I will be sharing the latest prophetic information and also preparing you in multiple ways to serve others, on an individual basis or with the masses. It takes about 3 months to integrate all that I share with you in this program. It is amazing! If you want more information go to my website “Services” page and click on “Radio Programs & Events” and then choose “Be Bigger, Braver and Bolder.” I would be honored to share with you!

If you haven’t been to my website in less than a month, it has been updated on all pages. Go take a look.

In Victory and Love,