Tuesday, Dec 6th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“I AM allowing The Light to freely flow through me like the Son/sun does; without judgment of who should receive it.”


* A Message for You *

My Mantle vision over three days –

The Ark has lifted into the air, like an airplane taking off. I’m at the back throwing lines to people who have just asked Jesus to be their Lord. I was able to get four of them on board. I remember being disappointed that there were not more people with eyes, ears and hearts open to Jesus.

Everyone is on board now. I use my rod and staff to push away any attacks on the people who are on the Ark.

I’m still at the back of the Ark. I raised my rod and the dark ominous sky opened where the rod was pointed and light came through. I tried to move the rod around to clear out the darkness but it was only effective to where it specifically pointed. So all I could make was lines in the sky. It’s too big a storm. We need more people praying and believing in Jesus.