Tuesday, Feb 28th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“I thank You God for Your never failing love, guidance and protection.”

* Pillars of His Light Subscription Program *

* Time to Sign Up for the month of March *

It is time to sign up for the new Subscription Program! I love this new format of sharing more than ever before in real time. We are having amazing discussions!

I would love to share with you more! More visions, more teachings, more prayers, more spiritual insights and the list goes on and on.

Earlier in 2016, I received a new Commission from Jesus and my work is now reflecting that commissioning. There are so many things that Jesus says to me and teaches me each day that I would be honored to share with you to help you with your life, work and service.

Here are some recent message titles:

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Feb 23rd ~ Prayers for Spiritual Sight and Hearing

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