Tuesday, Nov 15th ~ Affirmation & Message

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“My strength comes from within from a place that no one else can touch.

I AM strong until I decide not to be. I decide. Today, I AM strong.”


* A Message for You *

We have some new people who may not understand my Mantle Visions that I am sharing so I wanted to explain what a mantle is and about the visions.

First, this vision has been ongoing for approx. 6 months, even though I just recently started sharing them with you. If it was a dream, it would have been a movie length dream. These visions are given when I am praying, not sleeping. I get them every day when I say my prayer to put on “The One True God’s Mantle” for me, my life and my work or if I ask to see it. I have been sharing the ones Jesus tells me to. Sometimes for days, nothing in the vision changes. When I see a change, I write it down. Since it is coming from a purely spiritual place, they are difficult for me to remember after I am done with my prayers. Then when I am sitting down to prepare an email to you, Jesus will tell me which parts to share.

Mantles are spiritual garments of authority that endow the wearer with supernatural grace to establish the Heaven on Earth. Your spiritual mantle is not created by you; it is given to you according to your specific calling from God. For every spiritual assignment, there is a mantle.

The most famous Bible story about the passing down of a Mantle is from the Prophet Elijah to Elisha. This was the Prophetic Mantle. This is the main mantle that I have received from God. I walk and work in the Prophetic Anointing Mantle. There are many other types of mantles.

And there are plenty of mantles for each of us, because it is according to our individual spiritual callings/paths. Each mantle possesses the authority and spiritual abilities necessary to fulfill the charge of the one wearing it. You don’t have to be conscious of your spiritual mantle or calling for your life but if you are, you have more power and can serve more, do more with it. I am very aware of my mantle and through the prayer of putting it on; God shows me what is going on in the world and what to share with His people.

If you would like to read the previous visions, you can go go back through these messages.

Remember, I am here for you! I can’t answer every email but I can set aside time to assist you with your personal questions in phone Soul Sessions. I still have the reduced fee to make it easier for everyone. See the Soul Sessions page for more information.

By the way… WELCOME to all those who are now joining us in this walk with Jesus! This is a powerful group of souls!