Tuesday, Nov 1st ~ Prayer & Messages

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Today’s Prayer is:

“A thousand may fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand, but it shall not come near me!”

~Psalm 91:7


* Messages for You *

I posted a video yesterday on Facebook that I really felt compelled to share with all of you but it is not posted on YouTube and can only be seen through Facebook. It was from Pastor Joseph Prince on about Psalm 91. He had a short explanation about Psalm 91 and how it covers many things. He said that it is very powerful to say this prayer 7 times a day. I decided to do it yesterday morning to try out the power myself and it was amazing! I have had a heavy heart for a few days and it was gone after that. If you need healing, protection, want to be free from worry, say Psalm 91 seven times each day and experience the power of God flow into you. I have Psalm 91 on my website Messages page here: http://www.pillarsofhislightministry.org/psalm-91-the-strongest-protection-prayer/ I have changed the words to be more personal to you so you can speak these things over your life instead of praying it like it is happening to someone else. Print it out and carry it with you so you can say it at anytime until you have it memorized.

Yesterday, when praying The Whole Armor of God before putting it on myself ~ I got to the part of the prayer when it talks about “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit” and I stopped to do just that. I prayed in the Spirit (praying in tongues) for all the Souls of Light. I received an interpretation of what was being prayed through me by The Holy Spirit and it was for these people to “Listen to The Holy One. ‘Holiness to The Lord’ needs to be written upon your foreheads.” (I found this statement in Exodus 28:36!)

And then after I put on the Whole Armor of the One True God, I prayed in tongues and again received the interpretation of “Rise up Saints! Speak! Open your eyes. Speak!” I can hear the Lord’s frustration in these words. He shouldn’t have to say this to us. He should be saying this to the people that have turned from Him.

When I put on the One True God’s Mantle for my work, I have been seeing a progression over the last few months of me raising my arms with the golden rod and staff that I am given and when I do, the sea parts. (Just like the Bible story of the Red Sea.) I was helping people get to the Promised Land. As long as my arms were holding up the golden rod and staff, the waters were parted and people could get to the other side. First there were the ministers, priests and then the people that were aware followed. Some tried to get through that weren’t walking with Jesus and they got confused and all turned around and started a backlog in the people crossing. That corrected after a few days and the stream was steady. Then one day I saw the Ark coming through. It wasn’t coming on the water; it was coming only when the water was parted. It was gliding above the ground between the waters. The Ark was full of people. At times, I saw others helping me hold up my tired arms from keeping them in the air. Then over a period of 5 days I saw the Ark get closer and closer eventually coming beside me. Then last Wednesday, I saw it was half way past me and by Friday, it was completely past me. I turned to look at the Ark and the door that had been previously opened was closed. I then turned back to the water and I saw evil trying to get through and I knew it was time to close the waters. At the same I looked up and saw the darkest storm clouds I have ever seen over the waters, getting larger and closer. I brought my arms down and hit the ground with the golden rod and the staff 3 times while speaking in tongues. Then I raised my arms to Heaven. I did receive the interpretation of what was being spoken through me. I was glorifying The One True God. I knew that the United States was going to have a situation happen very soon that would rock us to our core and sadly understood that even then most people will not turn to Jesus for their comfort and peace.

What do you do? Make peace with Jesus. Ask forgiveness for your sins and clear up any thing in your life that if Jesus was standing in front of you right now that you would want to hide or be ashamed of. Ask Jesus to be a part of your life. Get a Bible. If you have one on your cell phone, get a physical Bible. There will come a time when everything on the internet that has to do with Jesus will be censored. The only way to assure that you can read God’s Holy Word is to have a Bible yourself. If you don’t have any extra food / water (so important!!!) / medical supplies (in vehicles and in your home and work) get some now. Jesus has been telling us for years to prepare, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This really shouldn’t be news to anyone. Have a plan with your family. If there is a national emergency… a nuclear bomb or bomb of any size, a tsunami or major earthquake, call your family right away and go to the store right away to get last minute supplies and fresh food. Have a plan and make sure your family knows the plan. Then say to them every day this week and next week, “What do you do if you hear of a national disaster happening?” But keep in mind the most important thing is your family and friends souls. They may lose this life but it is nothing comparing to losing their soul. Be Big and Brave and Bold and sharing Jesus. Ask The Holy Spirit to speak through you if you don’t know what to say. We are in serious times. The United States has had our protection taken away because of our choices and pushing God away. And now we will see and experience the ramifications of the devil’s wrath that can now touch our land.

The election is causing a huge uproar in our country and great divisions. I have had questions from people about who to vote for in this election. And it was pretty amazing to me that people still have that question. If you walk with Jesus then you absolutely should pray before voting. And remember we are held accountable for our choice in the voting. The actual full election may not even happen if these things start occurring this week but everyone needs to be prepared and act like the votes will count and go through. There is much going on behind the scenes between the election and the war and we will know within a week how it will turn out. The people will soon all be saying, “What??!!”   And the Prophets and Souls of Light that have been praying and paying attention will be shaking their heads and be on their knees praying for all the people to finally wake up to what really matters.