Tuesday, Oct 18th ~ Prayer & Messages

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Today’s Prayer is:

“Jesus, I ask forgiveness for my country for our arrogance and ignorance and every hurtful thing we have ever done to You and to each other. I pray that you forgive us and open our eyes, ears and hearts and return to You.

I ask forgiveness for my area for any and every hurtful thing we have done to You and to each other. I pray that you look for 10 righteous men so  you can put back the blanket of protection over my area.
I ask forgiveness from You for any and every hurtful thing I have ever done to You and to others; especially _____________. I pray Jesus that my body, mind and soul is completely clear for you to come into my heart and be a part of my life. Thank you for never giving up on me. And as for the blanket of protection for my area, if you cannot find 10 righteous men, then I pray Jesus that you deem me worthy and righteous and ask that you put that protection blanket back on stretching it as far as You can make it go.

Thank You Jesus! Amen and Amen!”


The photo was taken in Florida during Hurricane Matthew. I noticed that there was some figure in the POW flag. When I flipped it upside down, it was a person kneeling in prayer among other things. Very poignant.

* Messages for You *

I was asking Jesus if the things that I was seeing visions of and the things a lot of you have been seeing in visions and dreams were really going to happen. I know I was prepared for this time decades ago but it just seems so unreal that it could all be happening now. And immediately Jesus showed me the movie Gone with the Wind. I only saw that movie once and it was in the 70’s so not on my mind at all. I saw a couple of scenes. Scarlet was being really extravagant with everything; no concerns about life or money. Then I was shown the scene where she was making a dress out of the curtains. Everything changed whether she liked it or not. Then I was reminded of Noah and the ark. I shared a few days ago my vision about my work being an ark and that the door was still down, for the moment. Noah told people about the coming flood for 120 years and in that time, no one listened and they all perished. In the Bible, it states that this time frame we are in is the same as “in the time of Noah.” The last thing Jesus shared was it was harder for us to understand these things can happen to us because the devastation happened in other countries, to other people. Not anymore. “It is time.” That is what Jesus has been saying and it has had multiple meanings for us. It is time for us to get our houses in order. This does not mean cleaning our houses but our lives; spiritually, emotionally and physically. For years I have been sharing through my work that everyone needed to know how to communicate spiritually… pray and get answers because the upcoming times (that are here now) would be so chaotic that it would be hard to start the dialog then. It is not impossible but harder. Everyone that reads these words, I implore you to not ignore the warnings and get that communication line with Jesus open and flowing, if it isn’t already crystal clear. Notice, this did NOT say communication with Angels or guides or you will not be ascending anyway.

I was told in 2010 to move immediately from Florida. Every cell in my body was telling me there was danger coming. I was convinced with the messages and visions that I was receiving that I was to leave and that it was because of a tsunami / flood taking out most of Florida. I know quite a few people who received these messages at the same time I did. I had been sharing in groups around Florida since 2007 that this was going to happen but wasn’t told to move until 2010. When I moved I was really confused because nothing happened in Florida, not even hurricanes. I have asked Jesus many times about that but never got a direct answer. I always “knew” that moving was the best, safest thing for me to do. (There is a lot more in here with the devil that I won’t go into because that doesn’t matter with what I am sharing now.) So I recently asked again and I finally got the answer as to why I was told to move. Jesus said it was because if I was in the process of moving when all of these things were to happen, I would not be able to serve Him in helping all of you. The messages coming to me would have been more personal to me. My point is that many of you have been receiving dreams and visions of things and a common theme of “30 day” messages. I am not a statistician but the chances of that happening with random people around the country receiving the same information with a 30 day time limit in the same week, has to be huge. Pay attention to your dreams. Listen to the nudges you are getting. Ask a lot of questions. Ask to have a dream if you do not quite understand the message.

I am only talking about Florida here because of the many people coming to me about Florida this last month and because my life story includes the same situation but this is not just a Floridian message. It is for everyone, everywhere now. The entire world will be affected by these things. For example, a nuclear bomb going off in one place is going to result in an exchange nuclear bomb getting dropped in another place. No one wins with a nuclear exchange. And that is only one of the scenarios we will all see. This isn’t an “if we see it” situation. It clearly states in the Bible that we will and gives details.

We all want to survive all of these situations with the least amount of heartache. If you notice in my work there has been a persistent theme; prayer and coming back to God or turning fully to Him. You can do this in a few minutes with praying the heartfelt prayer I have at the top of this page.  I have posted several times Psalm 91. It is a prayer I pray every day. In there it says, “A thousand may fall at my left and ten thousand at my right hand but it does not come near me.” That one psalm has so many comforting statements. It is the strongest protection prayer in the Bible.

If you want to go over previous messages, you can go to my website “Messages” page and read the messages at the bottom of these emails. Read exactly how I write them. A Prophet will write things very specifically and with “speed reading” we can misinterpret or miss what is said. Pass on the messages to your friends and loved ones and social media too.