Monday, Oct 2nd ~ Jesus Prayed

Christina Uncategorized

The very foundation of this Ministry is prayer; prayer individually and corporately (group). Jesus is our example in all things. Most of the time when someone doesn’t know what to do in a situation, they haven’t prayed about it. There are many types of prayers. Prayers of protection, healing, guidance, intercession for others and worship/praise. We can pray in our own language or the language of The Holy Spirit. To pray both ways is best. Next time someone is having an issue offer to pray in the Name of Jesus right there, right then for that person. Let them hear you. Let others hear you. Next time you are having an issue or you are confused or you need to make a decision, pray first then give God time to answer.

If you would like the Ministry to pray for you, submit a Prayer Request from my website Services page. We will pray all month for your request. It would be an honor to agree with you for your prayers to be answered!