Tuesday, Sept 13th ~ Affirmation and Message

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Affirmation is:

“Today, I will speak kindly to everyone.”


~ Robocalls ~

You know when you get a call and there is a pause and then you get connected to someone trying to sell you something or gather information about you? With the upcoming election, we are going to get bombarded with even more calls for polling information. Even though I have all our phones (landline and cell phones) on the Do Not Call List, I am still getting these calls. I used to just hang up but this last week, Jesus told me to do something different. If I am truly walking in His Light, then I need to share that Light with everyone, including those people who are working at those jobs. So I answer and before they get too far into their talking points I say something like, “I appreciate that you have a job to do. I am not interested. Thank you and have a blessed day.” The response I have received is remarkable. It is true, there are a lot of people out of work; way more than the numbers show from the government. Most of these people are just doing a job to feed their family/themselves. Being rude to them or less rude by just hanging up on them has to take a toll on them. It is better to bless their day by having someone talk softly and nicely to them. We say we want to represent Jesus on Earth. So let’s represent Him even in the annoying things.