Tuesday, Sept. 5th ~ Want More of God?

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Today’s Prayer is:

“I am drawing closer to You, Jesus.

I want You to be with me in every moment of this day.”

* If You Missed Out on the Baptisms Last Week *
There were 14 Water Baptisms!
There were 28 Baptisms in The Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues!
It was AMAZING! We definitely are shining Jesus’ Light brighter this week!
Contact me if you would like to be Baptized in either way.
There is an urgency in Spirit not to put off to tomorrow what needs to be done today. I am posting on the Partner’s Message website page and also on the Pillars of His Light Ministry, Inc. New Facebook page (for everyone) dreams, visions, messages about what the signs and prophecies are that are unfolding now, right before our eyes! If you would like to become a Partner with the Ministry, visit the Partner’s page on my website for more information. It is my honor and not a coincidence to be sharing with you during this most amazing time in history! ~Rev Christina