Wednesday, Jan 11th ~ Affirmation & Message

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Affirmation is:

“I AM not of this world.”

When Jesus was teaching me years ago getting me ready for this ministry, He explained that in these End Times, His followers would be open to persecution. Just recently He showed me how we could know we could reach out to certain people and feel safe. He wanted me to spread the word on this. And I will share with you so you can spread it even farther.
You know how Christians are spotted because they have the Jesus fish (Ichthus) symbol on their cars, shirts and jewelry? Well, they are going to be big targets because the devil and most of the world know about that symbol.
Jesus has shown me a symbol that we can use that is not popular or well known. Usually only others familiar with that symbol would recognize it. It is NOTW. It means, “Not of this World”
He suggested that we get these decals for our cars and one of our house front window. Then anyone who knows that symbol can come to you for help and vice versa.
These are the photos of the 3 decals I have on my car right now.
Mardel is the company that owns the rights to the NOTW brand but you can do a Google search if you want to see other stores that sell them.
The other one is “He>I” It means “He is Greater Than I” It is from a Hawaii based clothing shop.
Once you know these symbol, you will start to see it. But it really seems to go unnoticed unless you know it. That is our safety net. There may come a day that we won’t know who to trust and Jesus will send someone with these symbols on their car to us. Or will have this symbol displayed on their front window.
You can help spread the word through your churches, groups, family and friends. Let me know what you think about this.