Wednesday, July 5th ~ What Are Pillars of His Light?

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Becoming a Pillar of His Light

The definition of a pillar (column) is an upright structure of any shape used as support for a building or it could be a person who is acting as the support for a state, society, institution, etc. The spiritual visual of a pillar is a person walking with Jesus; allow His Light to flow through that person. We could call the person with this vertical light flow, a Pillar of His Light. These Pillars of Jesus’ Light have His Light flowing through them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what is going on in their lives, no matter what is going on around them or in the world.

First Pillar is Prayer. Jesus is speaking to you all the time through your cells. Jesus is within each and every cell in your body, in the air and in every breath you breathe. When you pray, speak to Jesus each day creates a strong foundation for you. The second part of prayer is taking the time to listen to Him. Many people will watch for signs, but listening for Jesus to speak to you is more important. The evil one can fool us through signs.

Second Pillar is Peace. When was the last time that you woke up in the morning and the first thing you did was thanked Jesus? A suggestion is to take it further for a more peaceful day; spread your arms and thank Jesus and then take in 3-4 more deep breaths before you get out of bed. Anytime you feel your peace being challenged during the day, breathe deep and remember you have the choice to stay peaceful or not. Another person or situation has no ability to change your emotional state, only you do. Remember to keep saying this statement daily, “Walking with Jesus, I AM not moved by the things that I hear nor the things that I see.” It will help you to not be moved when your peace is being challenged.

Third Pillar is that of Light. This Light is The Clear and Pure Light of Jesus Christ. This Light comes to you through your personal knowledge, insight and connection with Him. It comes from your eyes being opened and your ears being able to hear, as Jesus said many times. The Light flows through you easiest when you are forgiving (others as well as yourself) and love.

Fourth Pillar is Love. This love is different than anything you have ever experienced. It is not forced. It does not have conditions. It just is. You can still get hurt when it is not returned but you give it freely anyway because Jesus is constantly with you and flowing through you. Jesus is love. So you are able to love deeper. When you are a Pillar of His Light, you can slowdown in all things and become more conscious. When you become more conscious of all things, you can see God’s Hand in everything around you, see His love and therefore, give you the chance to love the things around you also. Breathing deep helps here, too, as sometimes it may feel like your heart expands. When doing this breathing, lift your chest off of your ribs, filling every nook and cranny inside of you with the beautiful breath of God. When you breathe out, don’t just exhale, do it consciously and slowly, just as lovingly as you God breathed in to you.

Fifth Pillar is Power. Power is last on the list because it is the most exploited. If you are already walking with Jesus and praying daily, you are peaceful and feeling love then there is a high probability you won’t misuse this power. Some people are concerned about power because of the way the world uses it but power through Jesus is a good thing!

If you have these five Pillars you will be a strong Pillar of His Light. Jesus has shown me what this looks like and it is not exactly white and not exactly gold but a mixture of both flowing vertically through someone. (I am not talking about an aura.) And it is not exactly light; it is thicker, like liquid light. This light never flows out in front or behind and never touches or joins with another person.

Would you like to become a Pillar of His Light?

You can pray this prayer:

“In the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and God The Holy Spirit as One. Jesus, I ask You to come into my life and forgive me of all my sins. I denounce Satan and all his works. I confess you Jesus are the Lord of my life. Write my name in the Lamb’s book of life. Thank You for saving me; in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

If you prayed this prayer of Salvation, we are told that you are saved. Congratulations!

The next step I suggest is to download a Bible app on your phone or pull one up on your computer ( or get a Bible. Whatever is the quickest way start reading or listening to it. The devil won’t like that he lost another soul to God so he will try to distract you and minimize what a huge blessing this is for you.

Then once you have a Bible start reading or listening to the New Testament Book of John. Don’t read it like a book and hurry to get through it. Every day read a chapter or even a few scriptures and just think about them. And read one Proverb a day. If it is the 5th day of the month, then start with Proverb 5. This way you don’t have to remember where you are in Proverbs. Spend time daily with Jesus.

I am here to support you in growing your relationship with Jesus through written, video, internet radio and Facebook teachings and messages.

In Jesus’ Love,

Rev. Christina

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