Wednesday, Nov 15th ~ A Call to Valor

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Today’s Prayer is:

“I am answering God’s call!”

God is calling his women and men to Valor!


No longer are we to shrink back in fear or feel inadequate to lead the charge in battling the darkness that is erupting all around us.
You do not have to be skilled in battle if you are trained in the things of God.
We must know His promises (The Word) to combat the enemy’s lies. We must agree believe and confess the word of God over our lives, circumstances and every situation that arises.
Do not any longer sit on the sidelines wringing your hands in worry or lying awake at night reasoning, paralyzed in not knowing what you can do.


You have been Called To Valor!
God needs mighty Generals to lead His armies that are vigilant and courageous to use and display His power and fire to burn up all evil assignments.
His warriors are trained to combat fear and tormenting spirits with praise, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.
It’s time to take back our homes, our health, our communities, our churches, our workplaces from anything not of God.
We must be as undaunted as David was when he faced Goliath. He didn’t care how big Goliath was – he was confident and unwavering in how big his God is.
A stone and a sling will slay any giant when you have the power of Christ working in you.
We must tap in to God’s power inside us and remove anything that hinders us from operating fully in the Spirit.
We must no longer be held captive by our flesh or fear. It is time to train in the things of God and to courageously flood the earth with the Light and Power of God.
You have been Called To Valor!

~ Michelle Cosby Bollom, Restored Ministries

P.S. The definition of Valor is a boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery.

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