Wednesday, Nov 16th ~ Affirmation & Prayer

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Today’s Affirmation is:

“I will take time to rejuvenate my soul. Through relaxing I live a balanced life.”


* A Message & Prayer for You *

With all the wild fires here in the Eastern USA, the fires and smoke is covering several states. So I was told to share with you a prayer to protect our properties. This prayer works for where you live and work, if you own the business. Your boundary lines and area you have a right to protect would be the walls of this area. If you live in a condo or apartment, it will be to just outside the walls of your place and to just above the ceiling and just under the floor. If you live in a home, it includes your home and land; above, below and out to the walls of the land.

I have worked with this for a few months in order to know how to share this and get the wording correct so it will do the highest good for you. When I was away at one of the Be Bigger, Braver and Bolder Events this year, my husband texted me and asked me to remove the protection above our home. It was raining everywhere except our property and he said the grass and plants needed the rain. So I removed the top spiritual dome and he said it immediately started raining on our property. Then he texted 3 hours later and said, “Stop, stop! It’s raining too much; it is flooding the yard!” So I put the dome back and it stopped immediately. So you see why I had to wait! I had to work out the kinks in it so it would be perfect.

Here is the prayer:

“In the Name of Jesus, I now place a dome of protection over my home and property, under my home and property and out to the 4 walls of my property. It rains perfect rain on my land. It snows perfect snow on my land. The wind is perfect and the air is safe to breathe within this protected space. Everything living within my property thrives in this environment as everything it needs is provided. I thank You in Your Mighty Strong Name Jesus! Amen and Amen!”