Wednesday, Nov 30th ~ Prayer & Message

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Today’s Prayer is:

“I pray in Jesus name for the salvation of everyone in my family / all of my friends / my coworkers. Thank You! Amen!”


“I pray in Jesus name for the salvation of _____________. Thank You! Amen!”


* A Message for You *

Dream ~ I am standing outside with a lot of people. We are all looking at the sky. It was daytime but dark. There was a tall man standing off to the right. I remember whatever was happening wasn’t good. The man was telling everyone in a very confident voice to come out because our ascension was here. Everyone needed to be out of their home to ascend. I looked up again and I saw a large, dark storm cloud coming towards us. Then I saw it. It was the largest tornado I have ever seen. I started yelling for everyone to get back inside their homes, that this was not the ascension. It was a trick. The devil was trying to kill as many as he could. The storm was so large it was hard to see the rotation but with my spiritual sight I could see it. As I would yell for safety, he would calmly and confidently tell the people this was their ascension. He was very annoyed with me. I woke up before the tornado hit our area but I remember more people listened to him and stayed outside than listened to me. ~ Christina Lunden Nov 26th