Wednesday, Oct 26th ~ Prayer & Message

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Today’s Prayer is:

“May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from another.”

~ Genesis 31:49


* A Message for You *

I am shown many news reports and video messages confirming what the Bible says will happen and what Jesus is showing me about the times we are living in. I would normally be disturbed to some degree, even with all the preparation years ago from Jesus. I have peace. And I am not moved. I have that because I believe with every cell of my body, mind and soul that Jesus is walking beside me all the time. No matter what happens here, this life will be only a second in time compared to what I will have with Him in Heaven. I know with all my being I am going to Heaven. I have cleared up everything in my life and soul that was blocking me. No more blurry spiritual lines for me. So even though I am not happy about what is occurring on earth, I have read the end of the Bible and I know how it all turns out. I have been assured by Jesus it is all Truth. I want all of you there in Heaven with me. What a grand time we will have! No more crying. No more pain. No more worries. No more money issues. No more of everything that was hard here. Just Jesus all the time!