Wednesday, Sept 6th ~ Peace + Safety

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The United Nations has a Peace and Safety day coming up on Sept 21st. This is 2 days before the Sept 23rd Revelation 12 sign in the sky. You know what it says in the Bible about when you hear about Peace and Safety? It says Sudden Destruction comes. Is that the specific peace and safety that we are warned about? I don’t know but it is interesting with all that is happening in the world.
The UN also put out on their Facebook page telling people that Mass Disappearances have been happening for a while. It seems like they believe that those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior are getting close to the time of our Rapture because this has been one of the scenarios we thought they would say once all the Christians are no longer here. How would they explain that we were gone? Aliens is one suggestion. They would say that the aliens took us because we were the evil ones and not helping the planet. We know what aliens are…fallen angels. The other was that some terror situation happened and hid us all. The devil knows that we are going to leave all at once and they are setting the narrative for when that happens! Just to make sure this wasn’t a false post, I went directly to the UN page and it was there on Aug 30th. It’s a real UN post!
I don’t believe we are ascending in a couple of weeks. I am more of the mid tribulation mindset now; which is 3 1/2 years after the Peace Agreement is signed. I have been studying Revelations and Praying in tongues and asking for insight and clarification. The mid-tribulation period is when no one has to guess who the anti-christ is because he stands on the Temple Mount and says he is god and stops any worship because we are to worship him. Having said that, I also am preparing to be here for the full 7 years. I was told that the Peace Agreement would be in 2018 so no matter what, we are close!
Another very interesting note. I have been told to read different chapters of Revelation each morning. If you read Revelation 17-18 and change the word Babylon to New York City/USA, it fits perfectly. There is no other place in the world that would fit this description like NYC. But since it says, many waters… I think it is referencing the USA as a whole too.
I’ll be on my BlogTalkRadio program tomorrow night. I think that is the best place to share since so many people do not want to go on Facebook and are not utilizing the Partner page the way it was intended. Lots of great info but only a few are seeing it. Here is the link. You can also get to it by going to my website, Programs and Events page.
Wednesday, Sept 6th (Tonight)
9pm Eastern Time
There is a huge spiritual push / urgency to reach as many people as possible. I know people also need to try to make the connections from their end as well. If I do all the reaching, it is just as useless as Michelangelo’s painting of God reaching his arm/hand out to man and man’s hand was limp and sorta, kinda but-not-really reaching out to God. But I will reach some.
A suggestion in your own lives; don’t let a conversation end without saying everything you want to. And if you need to have a conversation with someone don’t let it go another day. Have no regrets from this day on.

In Jesus’ Love,

Rev. Christina