“Yoga Insights”

Rev Christina Uncategorized

Follow up to the June Message, “Prayers for Clearing and Illumination.”

Here is the insight I was given about why yoga is not for those walking in The Light of Jesus; the highest path possible.

I used to do yoga. Something would always interfere with the consistency of my doing yoga. I now see that was my prayers to always walk the highest path. One of the things I remember the most is that I wanted the kundalini energy that so many people I knew were experiencing and no matter how hard I tried, I could never experience it. I was really frustrated. One day, I was sitting quietly and asking for the kundalini energy and wondering why it was not coming forth. All of a sudden my heart area opened like a flower unfolding and I saw a waterfall flow out of my heart. I was told this was “Living Water” and that was what my soul was connected to, not the serpents energy.  I was shocked! I had never associated it with a serpent. Then I was told to look at pictures about kundalini. I never sought out kundalini after that. But taking it one step further for you; in the strongest protection prayer in the Bible, Psalm 91 it states, You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.” If spiritual serpents were good, why would God tell us that we have the authority in Him to trample them.

Most people don’t think about whether yoga is good for them spiritually because they hear the peaceful and healthful benefits. Just because it makes us feel good, doesn’t mean it is good for us. There are plenty of examples in the world about that. We should discern all things that affect our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. We need to be aware of yoga’s true origins so we can discern if this is something we want to engage in.

The postures in yoga were designed to pay homage to the 330 million Hindu gods. When we do these movements, we are literally offering ourselves to these gods. If you have ever read the stories in the Bible, you see how sometimes people would make sacrifices and offerings to gods to worship them and in order to gain favor from them. Yoga is an offering that is done with the body; a connection to that energy. Which god are we connecting to? It depends on which movement / pose we are doing. After all, there are 330 million of them. It doesn’t matter the name of the god. What matters is it isn’t The God.

Someone is thinking, “What if I am not intending to connect to other gods?” It doesn’t matter at this point in time. With people doing these poses (even the watered down poses) for over 5,000 years, possibly even 10,000 years, it doesn’t matter if we intend to connect to a certain god / energy or not. It automatically happens. This practice can cause lower energy, darkness, and demons to come into us or be around us; which can alter our true intended path. It can interfere with your finances, love relationships (prevent them from coming in, etc.) and anything to do with your life and soul path.  In the other side of the spectrum, when we read scripture or say prayers. The pathway has already been laid out for us to connect to the Uncreated God. (All other gods were created so that is why I use that term to not confuse the issue.)

In some yoga practices, the leaders will guide people through a meditation which includes emptying or clearing of our minds and going to some sort of calm, peaceful place or connecting to someone or some sort of energy. We have shared for years that meditations are dangerous in that we don’t know who or what we are connecting to. It sounds like it is safe to do but we are warned that we are to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds, not the emptying.”

If you do yoga, this information is being shared so that you can make a conscious choice about this. Pray and ask for Jesus to clearly show you what the truth is about yoga. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose if you pray about this. If you have done yoga all of your life and find nothing wrong with it, remember this isn’t just about your physical body, it is about your soul and eternity. If you feel like something is talking you out of praying for the truth, then that right there shows you something is off. Is that okay with you?

One more thing to ponder. If we are still okay with doing this for ourselves, what example are we setting for our children and grandchildren? When they see us do something, they assume it is okay for them. What if we are wrong and it makes the difference for their soul as well?

The devil is really, really sneaky. There is a warning that says about the times we are living in that if time was not shortened, even the elect could be deceived. The elect are those walking the highest, clearest path with Jesus. That means that these times we have to seek The Truth in all things because it would be easy to be fooled.

There are many, many articles on the internet about this subject that you can read about this. And there is also a great, thorough book called, The Heart of Yoga Revealed by Judy L White.

I know this may be disappointing insight for you but look at it in another way. Perhaps you will be able to come up with another form of exercise to assist people to feel good while increasing the flow of The Light into their soul.

In Victory and Love,